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Today, two of the most compelling issues facing B2B marketers today is how to not only reach buyers but how to get buyers engage - Essay Example


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Today, two of the most compelling issues facing B2B marketers today is how to not only reach buyers but how to get buyers engage

The price of commodities is the basic tool that marketers use to promote their products among buyers. However, prices of commodities are constrained by the cost of production and other expenses that may not be under the control of a business. This indicates that B2B marketers have to set the most competitive prices for their products. In this case, competitive price relates to the sales expectations of the customers. For instance, manufactures who sell their products wholesalers and retailers have to dispose their product at a competitive price. In this case, competitiveness refers to the final retail price or the marked price of the products at the retail outlets. In addition, competitive prices are subject to the prices of other related products or products that are of similar quality. Unlike dealing with the consumer, B2B customers are concerned with the extra value they achieve from the purchase. Successful B2B marketing is therefore, determined by the extra value added to the product or brought to the market. Thus, sustainability of B2B customers depends on the ability of the marketer to add extra value to the products. Companies can increase the value of their products without necessarily adjusting their prices through various ways (Muhammad, 2011). For instance letting the customers share the values of the mother company is a strategy relied upon by most producers particularly those dealing with high-tech commodities. A company that allows its customers to use its brand names and

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marketing facilities has more competitive business than a company that does not allow its customers to apply its values. For instance, marketers dealing with Apple products allow their customers to use their brand names and advertisements to market their own products. This is similar to the setting of retail outlets that are managed by the company. In both B2C and B2B markets, customers are continuously becoming powerful (Muhammad, 2011). This indicates that customers are more interested in the value of the products than the products themselves. In addition, customers expect businesses to satisfy their needs in order to gain their loyalty. The issue becomes even more complicated when a business is dealing with other businesses as its customers. B2B customers are concerned with the business solutions they receive from the marketers (Lawrence, Weber, Post, 2005). Therefore turning products and services into business solution is an effective strategy applied in B2B marketing. This element is related to the abilities of a business (customer) to apply the products of the company as a strategy of creating market or business dominance in their area of interest. In addition, B2B customers prefer a marketer who will advise them on how to become successful entrepreneurs than a marketer who is out to make sales and profits. This element is critical to companies that deal with highly competitive products. Marketers of such companies can maintain their market share by advising their customers on how to achieve successful business practices. The modern business environment is more concerned with sustainability than growth. This indicates that marketers should be more concerned with market sustainability than market growth. In addition modern business environment is governed by values that were insignificant in the previous markets and business environm


Reaching and Getting Buyers Name Institution October 1, 2012 Reaching and Getting Buyers Market sustainability is a significant aspect of modern market. It is evident that marketers in the current competitive business environment are more concerned with customer sustainability than acquisition of new markets (Hirshleifer, J., Glazer & Hirshleifer, D, 2005)…
Today, two of the most compelling issues facing B2B marketers today is how to not only reach buyers but how to get buyers engage
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