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Cable television in terms of its Respositioned target Market Demographics using the US - Assignment Example

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Cable Television in Terms of its Repositioned Target Market Demographics Using the US Census Data Name Institution Cable Television in Terms of its Repositioned Target Market Demographics Using US Census Data Cable television intends to provide new services to individuals who need an affordable, convenient and reliable system of accessing information and entertainment…
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Cable television in terms of its Respositioned target Market Demographics using the US
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Download file to see previous pages About 52.1% households in the U S earn over $50, 000 per year. This provides cable TV with a high potential of increasing its sales, market share as well as its brand awareness (US Census Bureau, 2009). There is a total of 117, 538, 000 households in the US that comprise all the racial groups (US Census Bureau, 2010). This shows there is a sizeable number of households cable television will market to in the targeted group. Census data also predicts the market has potential of growing in the coming years. Cable television targets families as it provides different channels suitable for family viewing and that will suit each member of the family. Cable television targets a wide range of individuals in all age groups, and they range from 5-60 years. The main users of cable television range from 15 to 40 years. The main target markets, therefore, include students and teenagers, professionals and business people, and seniors. The student and teenage population has an enormous desire for non-stop entertainment, and easy access to entertainment will attract this group. The population continues to grow, and this is a crucial aspect for cable television’s customer base. ...
Types of Research Needed to Reposition Cable Television Cable television is positioned at providing continuous entertainment and information at affordable prices to all its viewers. The main aim of the business is to provide services to its consumers in an effective and unique way. Cable television aims at casting channels through which individuals can access their favorite programs. This concept will enable the business to build a strong relationship with individuals who initially may not like cable television. Repositioning cable television requires extensive research. Market research has to be carried out to determine the preference of individuals and to show people the benefits of the services. This method will convince a large number of people to subscribe to cable television so they can enjoy the new services. Research has to be done regarding market needs of the target population. Rapid growth experienced in the field of information technology is the beginning of a trend towards an economy based on the infrastructure of cable television. Cable television should, therefore, ensure that it keeps up with the changing trends that are taking place due to changes in information technology so that it can provide up-to-date services to its customers. Methods Used to Increase Adoption Rates After identifying the target market and researching on consumer insights, cable television should develop a new overall image integrated with an awareness-building program aimed at shifting perceptions about cable television. Cable television would use two key methods to increase adoption rates of the services it offers to customers. The first method will focus on attracting new customers. This will be achieved ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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