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Walt Disney and Customer Relationship Marketing - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Walt Disney and Customer Relationship Marketing" is based on the customer relationship management practices of Disney that offered great presence, reach and acceptance in the past. However, with a change in the social and demographic factors embedded with customer preferences…
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Walt Disney and Customer Relationship Marketing
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Extract of sample "Walt Disney and Customer Relationship Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages The theme parks are one of the most preferred attractions with every park exhibiting different appeal and feeling. The Magic Kingdom is based on the structure of Cinderella Castle, Epcot exhibits the structure of Spaceship Earth, Disney’s Hollywood Studio is based on the structure of the Sorcerer’s Hat and the Disney Animal Kingdom looks like the Tree of Life. It can be assumed that with different structure and appeal, Disney has been successful in attracting different customers and can be considered as a good strategy (Koenig, David (2007). However, with things settling down, same attracting structures need to add value in terms of keeping the feeling of being attracted alive.
The discussion aims at highlighting the customer relationship management practices of Disney along with developing and designing new practices to address key issues like sliding attendance figures of employees and decreasing revenues along with customer’s shift of attention towards other recreational activities in the absence of innovative CRM practices.
Customer relationship management is considered one of the most important management tools enhancing business prospects by earning the loyalty and trust of customers for a long period of time. The study is based on the customer relationship management practices of Disney that offered great presence, reach and acceptance in the past. However, with the change in the social and demographic factors embedded with customer preferences; Disney is facing new challenges in the form of customer turnoffs, less customer attendance and decline in the interest and urges to visit the park. The customer relationship management of the organization has been quite commendable considering the high pressure in the service industry. It included the balanced mixture of technology interfaces and human interfaces but issues were not addressed and answered creating a need for another CRM practices or program with better prospects and feasibility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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