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Center of discussion in this paper is Apple, Inc. as the world’s leading technology company and has a ubiquitous international presence. When one examines the financial figures from the time Jobs returned, the results are truly staggering…
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Strategic Management and Leadership Report on Apple Inc
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher of this paper tells that the initial years of the company exhibited great prospects for Apple Computer, Inc., but soon the company had massive declining sales. This was primarily because of the technological failures more than any other reason. During this period Apple Computer produced microcomputers as a way forward from the computers that were produced by the IBM’s mainframe computers. Though the Apple I started off well, in the early years of 1980s, the sales for Apple Computers drastically reduced, as the platform (Macintosh) of the Apple was not compatible with the prevalent computers of the time. In the mid-1980s after continuing to experience declining, the sales company founder Steve Jobs was fired from his own organization. During Job’s absence the company was negatively affected by the introduction of competitor Microsoft’s DOS operating system. Soon, the market leadership of Apple was a thing of past, as Microsoft was more user friendly. Steve Jobs would eventually rejoin the company and call for a series of new ideas. The company placed new emphasis on innovation and produce items like the iPhone, iTunes, iPod and iPad, all of which became immensely popular across the globe. From Apple Computers, the company shifted to the name Apple, Inc. as it enabled buyers to understand that the company also produced other items apart from computers. ("Apple computer, inc.," 2011). Today Apple, Inc. is recognized as the world’s leading technology company and has a ubiquitous international presence. When one examines the financial figures from the time Jobs returned, the results are truly staggering. Essentially, he brought an organization from the brink of bankruptcy to one annually generating $25 billion dollars in net income and a stock valuation exceeding $400 ("Apple," 2011). Currently Apple competes in a variety of market sectors: mp3 players, smart phones, personal computers, tablets, and they are rumored to be entering into the television market (Elmer, 2011). It follows that the organization has a variety of competitors, including Microsoft operating systems, a glut of mp3 and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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