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Business and Commercial Awareness (Marketing) - Implementation plan 1. Overview This is an implementation plan for the proposed Eagle’s Nest Investment to establish a new 5-star premium hotel in Australia, Germany, Spain, Singapore, and South Korea. This plan shows the role that the marketing department will play in the implementation of this project…
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Business and Commercial Awareness
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Download file to see previous pages Our objective as the marketing department is to make sure that this project will be successfully implemented to provide present and future opportunities for Eagle Nest Inc. to generate more revenues. 2. Impact on your department As it is well known, it is the responsibility of the marketing department to gather as much information about the market as possible. This information is crucial as it helps the organization to compete with other organizations providing similar goods or services (Hiebing et al, 2011). To obtain necessary information my department will need to undertake several market analyses. We will also need to identify a competent team of marketing consultant and retail shopping planner to assist us with marketing implementation. Due to venturing into new markets we will need to adjust our policies and. We will need our hotels to have a competitive advantage in the new mark. The best way to achieve this is by using cost leadership and product differentiation (Kumar & Phrommathed, 2005).The project will actually strain my department due to the large area of operation but I believe it is necessary and that it will yield good results. 3. Time plan To ensure success in marketing all members of marketing departments like sales, marketing communication, customer service, product or service development, internet and research must work together (Luther, 2011). For this to happen a proper time planning should be done. Stephenson &Thurman (2007) suggests that if a marketing calendar is designed it can help in coordinating marketing activities as well as marketing ideas. All the activities of this department will be undertaken simultaneously for the first six months. These activities will include research, rebranding, publicity, and promotions. The reason for undertaking them simultaneously is because they are interconnected and they depend on each other. As Luther (2011) state, it is important to be cautious when selecting an advertising agency and to do this we have to undertake some research. 4. Links and dependencies For effective implementation of this project, this department has to collaborate with several other departments. The finance department will be providing as with the necessary fund and will also be assisting us with the budgeting and drawing our financial plan. This department will be monitoring the use of funds allocated to my department since they are mandated as account department. We will also work hand in hand with the human resource department, which will be providing us with staffs and training necessary for project implementation. We will also depend on the procurement and logistics department to provide us with the necessary materials for publicity. 5. Mile stones Some market research will have to be completed before other activities begin. We will have to complete test marketing in the first month of operation. This know the degree of success of our business undertakings (Boone & Kurtz, 2011).We must have completed publicity before the completion of the construction and renovation process which is expected to take about six months. We should also have been designed the marketing approach we will use before this time. We should also make sure that we have the necessary staff to undertake marketing and make sure that they are well trained to be able to handle the new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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