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New business plan - organic oil - Essay Example

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Organic Oil Company endeavors to venture into oil business with a formidable strategy to compete effectively and most importantly satisfy the needs and requirements of clients. The company’s strategy involves purchasing oil from morocco and packaging it into vessels for sale…
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New business plan - organic oil
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Extract of sample "New business plan - organic oil"

College: New Business Plan - Organic Oil Organic Oil Company endeavors to venture into oil business with a formidable strategy to compete effectively and most importantly satisfy the needs and requirements of clients. The company’s strategy involves purchasing oil from morocco and packaging it into vessels for sale and distribution. Part of the strategy will further involve designing the oil in appropriate shape for shipment to America where it will be sold as a finished product. This is an ambitious venture as it involves numerous processes and efforts but according to valuation and business projection, the endeavor is inherently viable and profitable. The implementation of this strategy will be a costly and demanding task as numerous procedures will be involved in transforming this vibrant business idea into a practical reality. The company has therefore developed a number of business processes that will be handy in the holistic endeavor of realizing this business plan. Advertisement and promotion will be performed extensively to publicize the company and establish a niche in the oil market. This will involve numerous media activities through which a business awareness of the prospect will be accomplished. A succinct SWOT analysis will be accomplished to guarantee the company’s success in the oil business.
Organic Oil Company endeavors to collect the pure oil from Morocco and provide its clients with inherently pure organic oil. The company will as well sell to resellers, small businesses, traders along with wholesalers. Additionally, the oil company plans to sell the oil to individual customers particularly through electronic means like websites. The kind of oil to be produced will be unique as it will only be produced in morocco. Therefore, the oil is estimated to have great demand and a competitive edge in the international market. Owing to the fact that the company target America as its main market, the uniqueness of the oil will be an added advantage as most clients will be inclined to purchase it.
The oil to be produced will be applied to a variety of uses and clients will demand the products for several applications. For instance, the oil will be used in the production for cosmetics along with culinary. Since these are daily uses in life, the oil will enjoy great demand among individual clients for personal and commercial uses.
There is immense competition in the business of exporting oil from Morocco, this could be a great challenge and threat to the survival of Organic Oil since it is a new venture (Bush and Johnston 56-64). Most of the oil produced in morocco is exported to the United States. As a result, organic oil must establish measures to ensure that its oil beats the huge competition.
Nonetheless, organic oil company has sufficient capacity to surmount the challenges of the oil market. The company has enough staff from Morocco and they are quite aware of the dynamics of the oil market and will be great assets to the new company. The advantage of having staff from Morocco is the aspect of language barrier which has been solved by ensuring that no communication problems will hinder the company’s prospects. Organic Oil Company already has bases and warehouses in America and Morocco and this will facilitate all business operations in the two countries. Therefore, the oil company will be able to coordinate production activities in morocco as well as undertake marketing and distribution processes in America. Through such opportunities organic oil company will have an edge in the oil market resulting to remarkable business outcomes.
Work Cited
Bush, James and Johnston, Daniel. International Oil Company Management in Nontechnical language. Washington: PennWell Books. Read More
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