Ocean Park: In the Face of Competition from Hong Kong Disneyland - Essay Example

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Using the information in this case as well as the other three, the paper does a SWOT analysis for Ocean Park and a SWOT analysis for Hong Kong Disney…
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Ocean Park: In the Face of Competition from Hong Kong Disneyland
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Ocean Park: In the Face of Competition from Hong Kong Disneyland – Case Using the information in this case as well as the other three, do a SWOT analysis for Ocean Park and a SWOT analysis for Hong Kong Disney. SWOT analysis of Ocean Park Strengths: Ocean Park remained as one of the popular tourist and local attraction sites for over 30 years ever since it became established. In addition, it remains as the first thematic park established in Hong Kong and got a long history. In addition, over the years, the Ocean Park gained popularity worldwide and often gets a lot of visitors. Furthermore, the Park got ranked as the world’s 7th most popular amusement park. Ocean Park got many water creatures and animals too which people come to watch. In the park, Cable Car service offers some breathtaking views of the beautiful southern coast of Hong Kong, the Aberdeen plus the neighboring islands. Moreover, the park offers conservation and education programmes with unique environment plus professional educators provided for students and other guests. Ocean Park remains also easily accessible through public transport and offers ample parking space for its visitors. The park also got caring services provided to handicapped individuals for example, disabled toilets, gondolas, tactile maps plus the Loop Pad System. Ocean Park also offers cheap prices services for its customers. Weakness: Ocean Park got limited land for development as it is hilly. In addition, the park got a weak financial support. Opportunities: The park got the Individual Travelling Scheme carried out in 2003 that has proved to be one of the biggest source of visitors. Furthermore, the strong economy in Mainland plus the growing middle class have increased their purchasing power as they stimulate demand for outbound travel. In addition, Ocean park has been recommended by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as a famous spot. With the increase in many good roads to that area, the park has benefited greatly from the excellent transportation to that region. Threats: SWOT analysis for Hong Kong Disneyland Strengths: Hong Kong Disneyland remains positioned in the populated Hong Kong area. The park uses the brand name Disney that is a world renowned brand and hence able to attract worldwide visitors apart from the locals. The Disney Park got advanced technology and management philosophy training of its new employees. The park employs the SCSE" business philosophy: safe, civility, show and efficiency in order to run an excellent public relations campaign. Weakness: The park became faced with the element of cultural differences: Disney remains as an American brand and the locals were Chinese. They offer higher prices fee per person. The park got poor crowd control system too. Opportunities: The growing youth population and the increase in the number of middle class greatly increased their purchasing power. Threats: It got competition from Ocean Park. In addition, over 2000 theme parks became built in China.         2. How would you evaluate the market positioning of Ocean Park? What did they do and why was it right? One can analyze the market positioning of Ocean Park by the use of the four P’s (Product, Place, Price and Promotion). Product: Ocean Park became established in 1977 and hence remained as an old thematic park. With the coming up of new and competitive thematic parks like Hong Kong Disney land, Ocean Park needed to change. That is why the park underwent renovation in order to attract more clients. In addition, they increased the services they offered in the park from what they used to possess. Place: Ocean Park remained as a home grown developed thematic park. Disneyland thematic park became more associated as an American brand. Chinese people hence pride their own. Price: Ocean Park offered lower prices in relation to Disneyland Hong Kong Promotion: The Park developed ‘Whiskers,’ a brand icon like Mickey mouse in Disneyland. Therefore, whenever people thought of Ocean park, they associated with the furry figure, whiskers. Read More
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