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Culture, Service and Product - Essay Example

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Globalization has come of age. But as multinationals go through the globalization, there are intertwined problems that spell success or failures during the implementation stage. These are…
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Culture, Service and Product
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Extract of sample "Culture, Service and Product"

Download file to see previous pages These barriers have to be addressed so that entering a new market would be successful. This paper comes in two parts. First part discusses glocalization issues, and the second part talks about case of Disneyland as it entered glocalization in HongKong and the soon to be opened Shanghai Disney.
Conceptual framework of the study analyzes importance of glocalization, gives its meaning, and how it is applied by Disney in its business practice in setting up its resorts to an environment totally different from its origin. These comes as are positive challenges to the this icon of entertainment. In this study, I borrowed the concept of Luigi and Vineran (n.d.) that proposed: “in order to be successful globally, managers must act locally in the different markets they chose to enter.”
Glocalization is coined word from globalization and glocalization which is used describe a product or service that is developed and distributed globally, but is also fashioned to accommodate the user or consumer in a local market”. (Investopedia. n.d.) Glocalization meant differently as to each region because of differences cultures, language, religion, traditions and laws. Luigi, D. and S. Vineran (n.d.) in their study put forward a definition that states: “providing a global offer (brand, idea, product, idea, or service, etc.) while taking local issues into account”.
A global product / service that can face competition from both local and international brands in a better way because it meets certain local needs or preferences at lower costs due the global edge of the company.
What key areas does a company need to consider when moving a product/service developed in one country to a different country? How should a company assess how a product or service is being received in a different country?
Global marketing has introduced may changes on business approaches, such as the way how a company transacts business to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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