Service Management - Service Operations and the hospitality/ Tourism/Event Industry: an integrated analysis of the service operation system in the service iindustry - Essay Example

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In a service organisation, especially in one as competitive as theme parks in Hong Kong, it is important to identify which services are tangible and intangible and look for methods to differentiate these services from competing organisations. Intangible services are those that…
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Service Management - Service Operations and the hospitality/ Tourism/Event Industry: an integrated analysis of the service operation system in the service iindustry
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"Service Management - Service Operations and the hospitality/ Tourism/Event Industry: an integrated analysis of the service operation system in the service iindustry"

Download file to see previous pages to maintain competitive edge, understanding how these tangible or intangible services will impact consumer behaviour is important for developing a workable marketing plan.
Concepts for this type of service industry include factors such as the ease of purchasing a ticket (intangible), the promise of an exciting time through the delivery of a value proposition or coming up with an operational strategy that avoids long queues associated with waiting for different thrill rides and attractions. All of these factors, including the human resources capacity to support them successfully, will impact whether customers have a fun and rememberable experience or whether they simply choose to visit competitor theme parks in the future. From the operational view, managing these services and promoting them through marketing are ongoing, daily responsibilities to avoid losing market share or competitive edge.
Customer satisfaction and the successful delivery of competent service (either through tangibles or professional labour) make up the nature of service operations. Especially in an organisation as complex as a multi-level theme park, customer satisfaction is the primary operational goal at the business. “Satisfaction is the result of customers’ assessment of a service based on a comparison of their perceptions of service delivery with their prior expectations” (Edinburgh Napier, 2010, L3). It needs to be recognised that customers who attend these complex theme parks have pre-determined expectations for what they might receive in terms of quality, experience, and perception of service from different attractions and the labour hired to support these services.
Service operations success can be measured through word-of-mouth from customers that have visited these parks, different quantitative research tools such as post-service surveys or questionnaires, or simply through revenue analysis showing ticket increases based on different marketing promotions for special events. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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