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Marketing - Exam on Marketing - Essay Example

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Exam 1. I. Integrated marketing communications is a comprehensive approach to marketing communication. It follows that it is greatly important for those in the field of advertising and marketing to understand and appreciate all the various integrated marketing communications tools…
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Marketing - Exam on Marketing
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Extract of sample "Marketing - Exam on Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages The role of integrated marketing communication is to use advertising as a means of creating a sound and meaningful relationship between the business and the specific audience the business is trying to reach. II. While integrated marketing communication is a complex field, there are a number of specific IMC drivers. The primary drivers of integrated marketing communications include message clutter. Another notable driver is the need for consistency in brand differentiation. One considers that in organizations such as Coca-Cola this is evident in that a single logo and advertising campaign that are implemented for set periods. Still, other drivers are evolving technology and forming transaction to relationships. One considers that there are a variety of specific examples where these elements occur. In terms of evolving technology the Internet has presented many news ways companies can improve transaction to relationships and a fusion of entertainment to consumption. Among the most prominent recent examples include advertising specifically tailored to the customer and email marketing campaigns. Domino’s Pizza, for instance, recently developed an advertising campaign where if individuals clicked on their Facebook page they were eligible for a discounted pizza. There are a variety of different IMC communication tools. Different tools have different uses. These tools creative a hierarchy of effects. Promotional tools are one prominent example. These tools must be developed so the target audience receives a message that is consistent throughout. For example, a business should use similar marketing designs and slogans throughout the organization so the customer comes to identify these elements with the business. This has become a prominent element of major corporations such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola. Other prominent marketing tools include publication relations, personal selling, and sales and promotion. In addition there are internal elements, including accountability where the organization considers cost elements. Another important consideration is integrated marketing communication from a managing perspective. Most importantly, IMC can be a challenging management task, as it involves a number of elements within the business. It follows that management must be highly coordinated in instituting these new forms of advertising inline with new forms of technology and communication. Today nearly all major corporate elements, one considers Wal-Mart, have a social media presence. There are a number of barriers to IMC. Many of these can be considered along a spectrum. For instance, talent and skills are potential barriers within the business. Other major barriers include control and coordination issues, business culture challenges, and modification challenges. There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to IMC. The primary advantage is that IMC implements an approach to advertising that directly targets consumers with specific interests. This allows for more effective communication and a competitive advantage through more efficient marketing. In terms of disadvantages, there is a greater advertising burden placed on the organization. This increased burden also involves bureaucratic procedures and a uniformity of style and message. In conclusion, integrated marketing communication constitutes a new and highly adaptive form of advertising and marketing. The approach involves a comprehensive and customer centric approach to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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