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Individual Assessment: A report on Social Marketin Campaign - Essay Example

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Individual assessment: A report on social Marketing Campaign Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Part 1: Background, purpose and focus of the social marketing campaign 3 Part 2: Situation analysis 7 Part 3: Target market 9 Part 4: Competition 10 Part 5: Positioning 11 References 13 Appendix 16 Part 1: Background, purpose and focus of the social marketing campaign 1.1 Key background information leading to the development of this issue Social marketing is the technique of using principle and marketing tools for understanding the market and then offering products for the society by organizing and creating communicative approach for the people to meet their demand along with demand of the socie…
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Individual Assessment: A report on Social Marketin Campaign
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"Individual Assessment: A report on Social Marketin Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages This technique is also used to promote certain products and service for the target market by making people aware about the demerits of the competitive products and thus promote the products or services with the support of the well being from the company. The most effective way to deal with the social issues in the society is government or organization intervention into developing long term awareness program for building awareness amongst the people through social campaigns. Skin cancer is a major issue amongst the Australians mainly within the age group of 14 to 17 years due to several behaviors from the exposure to the sun (Skin Cancer, 2010). Every year skin cancer costs nearly $300 million to the Australian Health system which accounts to about 1850 lives every year. With the help of skin cancer campaign from the government every dollar investment returns about $2.32 decrease in the health care investment and in the next 20 years it is expected to reduce the skin cancer cases to great extent due to the social awareness raised by the government (Cancer Council-d, 2011). Social media campaigns mainly tend to change the behavior of the person rather than aiming the physical harm of the consequences. Various Medias can be introduced for the purpose of campaigning like advertisements, News paper, Internet and Printed Materials (Kotler, Roberto, Roberto, 1989, p. 94-95). While corporate marketing is satisfying the stakeholders of the company Social marketing is mainly concerned with the betterment of the society and improves the quality of life. Consumer behavior is the main objective in social marketing and it is more difficult to identify the target market and meeting the demands of the varied customers with more expectation from the products offered by the company (Serrat, 2010, p. 1-2). 1.2 What is the campaign purpose and intended impact or benefit? Social marketing is mainly concerned with the interaction with the social, environmental, economic, political and technological scenario of the market to accomplish noncommercial goal. This type of marketing involves long term planning which is not only targeted towards an individual but instead towards the society for the improving their life. For a better understanding of the society the marketer should follow a framework while approaching the different region, location or nationals for critical evaluation of the fact. The basic framework for the evaluation of the campaign involves several attributes which is needed to be understood by the marketer for a better approach to the society. The very first step of the evaluation process is to understand the orientation of the customers in the market, their belief, attitude and their needs. Then understanding of the behavior and implementing strategies accordingly which can motivate customers is very important for the success of the campaign. The core of the designing process of the campaign is the foundation of the campaign through proper understanding the nature of the society. For the evaluation pr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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