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Marketing Mix Strategies - Term Paper Example

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This paper describes how the Marketing Campaign will solve problems with Drinking. Also will describe how the Idea is to be positioned in the market, what Marketing Strategies will be adopted, how the idea will be presented, what desired behavior does it expect from the Target Market…
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Marketing Mix Strategies
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Extract of sample "Marketing Mix Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages The Strength of this campaign is the Statistics that reveal the relationship between alcohol abuse and road accidents, cancer, cases for domestic violence etc. As the numbers would provide overwhelming proof that the use of excessive alcohol is really a problem, the Idea of “Drinking too many units of alcohol is bad for you” would very well be adopted by the masses. And as this would be a social cause, the Idea would be the strength itself. (Lader, D., et al (2006)).
However, one weakness that our Organization can face is the lack of funds for this campaign. As Social Marketing campaign would be a long-term investment on our image and our relations with the society, this campaign would be less likely to generate business/ returns in the shorter run as a fully fledged consumer marketing campaign would. (Chattananon et al 2007).
    However, this Weakness can be overcome by the Opportunity of the governments and other agencies’ collaboration with us. This campaign, being for a social cause and an image-building activity for the company, our organization can get all the support it can from the government, political activists, advertising agencies, and channels of promotion (both digital and non-digital) in forms of huge discounts in advertisement slots and spaces in magazines and newspapers. The available budget can be used to spread the cost over a mass media campaign to reach the target audience as many places as possible. (Hoeffler et al 2002).
The Threats that this campaign is likely to face would be the opposition from alcoholic beverage companies as they would be the direct stakeholders of this decision. Their sales would be liable to go down and that might trigger a more aggressive response from these companies in the form of more intensive promotional activities. This threat can be offset by the advantage our organization would have of mass awareness. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Marketing Mix Strategies Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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