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Methodology Under Title: The Role of Social Media in Branding in the UK - Dissertation Example

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III. METHODOLOGY The methods of inquiry used in this research are qualitative and quantitative approaches. At first glance they may seem to be different and divergent, hence, conflicting for determining social media’s role in branding. But this researcher maintains and proved that such differences in style and technique could provide a more superior research framework in investigating a new and complex phenomenon, involving an Internet platform…
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Dissertation Methodology Under Title: The Role of Social Media in Branding in the UK
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Download file to see previous pages Adopting a mixed method such as what this study has done is equated with pragmatism and practicality because at the end of the day what matters is not about which research methodology is deemed more superior but which method(s) can result in the achievement of convincing answers to the research questions. For instance, in evaluating the branding strategy for Apple’s Ipad through social networking websites it is necessary to include field observations along with evaluations based on empirical data. According to Thomas, pragmatism rests mainly on the position that qualitative and quantitative approaches are alike in the fundamental values on which they are founded, including the “belief in the value-ladenness of inquiry, belief in the theory-ladenness of facts, belief that reality is multiple and constructed, [and] belief in the fallibility of knowledge.” (Thomas 2003) This research specifically worked within these fundamental principles, employing a combination of several investigative strategies under the qualitative and quantitative methods of research in varying degrees of usage. ...
revealed similar findings that report social networking website is a potent tool to enhance a tablet computer’s brand image, then such finding or conclusion is made more credible. A good example, wrote some academics, is the comparison of quantitative evidence from surveys with field observations as well as when combining qualitative or quantitative evidence from interviews done with archival data. (Harkness, Braun, Edwards, Johnson, Lyberg and Mohler 2010) Before outlining the actual research methodology for this dissertation, it is important to explain basic concepts and definitions. Basic Concepts According to Carter and Thomas, qualitative method “the collection, analysis and interpretation on phenomena that are not easily reduced to numbers or that might be destroyed by any attempt to do so.” This research turned to a wide range of data and that by using qualitative methodologies, a cohesive framework in achieving the research objectives will be achieved by augmenting or supporting the quantitative results or vice versa. For this purpose, this study used Denzin and Lincoln’s explanation in order to provide a closer definition in the context of the investigative strategy cited. The authors stated qualitative methodology is: Multi method in focus, involving an interpretative, naturalistic approach to its subject matter. This means that qualitative research study things in their natural settings, attempting to make sense of or interpret phenomena in terms of the meanings people bring to them. Qualitative research involves the studied use and collection of a variety of empirical materials. (Denzin & Lincoln 2011) Many critics reject the qualitative model mainly because it is perceived to allow too much subjectivity on the part of the researcher. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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