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The methods in which advertising media influence and reinforce sexism in American society - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to investigate the methods in which advertising media influence and reinforce sexism in American society. Particularly, the researcher is interested in examining how advertising portrays men negatively…
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The methods in which advertising media influence and reinforce sexism in American society

Download file to see previous pages... This paper illustrates that advertising revenue is the major funding source for the majority of entertainment and information that Americans receive. Broadcast and cable networks use advertising to generate money to fund programming that is informative, such as news magazine shows, and entertaining, such as sitcoms. Social media sites use advertising to pay for the costs of running their business. Most individuals watch television, read magazines and newspapers, or gather information through social media and the internet. Because advertising is the source of funding for most of these entertainment and information outlets, the individual is exposed to advertising multiple times per day. If sexism exists in the advertising, the individual is exposed to the influence of sexism, even if this exposure is subconscious. In short, we all view advertising, and it has an effect on us. The researcher hope to discover that advertising found in print, television, radio, and internet media employs sexism to sell a good or service. The researcher also hopes to discover that the sexism used in this advertising portrays men in a negative fashion. Specifically, the researcher hope to find evidence that advertising paints men as incompetent fathers, inattentive husbands, and unintelligent uninformed citizens. The researcher realizes that advertising objectifies women and uses sex to sell products to men. However, the researcher has noticed that many companies have begun doing the same to men. ...
5. Why do you care about the topic? I care about this topic primarily because I am male. I realize that advertising objectifies women and uses sex to sell products to men. However, I have noticed that many companies have begun doing the same to men. These corporations often portray men as horrible fathers that are incapable of rearing their children, as horrible husbands who do not listen to their wives, and as beer swilling sports fanatics that have no interest in intellectual pursuits. I think that, just as sexism in advertising has led to poor body image and other issues in females, sexism against men in advertising is leading a generation of men to view themselves as incompetent and worthless. 6. Why would others care about the topic or why do you want them to care? There is little doubt that women have been subject to sexism in American society for generations. However, in recent years, researchers and advocates have succeeded in voicing the issue of women’s rights. Women have responded by overcoming much of this sexism and are now succeeding in school and career at a much higher rate than men. The same battle against sexism must be waged for men as well. If the negative portrayals of men continue to grow in advertising, we can expect that men will begin to devalue themselves and underachieve in school and career. This trend is already taking place within the male population, and our society must stop it. 7. Can you identify any significant connections to the topic that are taking place at this time in the world? Males in our education system are currently underperforming at an alarming rate. Fewer men graduate high school, college, and graduate school than women. At the same time, negative messages about men in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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