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Students perceptions of women in advertising commercials - Coursework Example

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This essay outlines the perceptions of students regarding the use of women in television advertising. This analysis is achieved through a careful review of the available literature, a series of case studies and a comparison of 50 completed questionnaires representing primary data. …
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Students perceptions of women in advertising commercials
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Extract of sample "Students perceptions of women in advertising commercials"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "Students’ perceptions of women in advertising commercials" describes how women portrayed in advertisement and the impact of the usage of women in ads on consumers' behavior. According to Wolin, gender appears to be an important factor when planning a communication strategy yet this study reveals that race is also an important consideration. This study can inform design managers working to develop effective communication strategies. It is difficult to conceive of a person alive today who has never seen or heard an advertisement, even for those who don’t commonly watch TV or listen to the radio. However, according to Television Statistics, an average person living in the modern world watches television one to four hours per day. During these hours of watching television, there is a great probability that this person will see at least one advertisement. But the way in which the viewer will react to this advertisement can vary widely. While probabilities can be determined regarding what percentage of viewers will react positively versus those who will react negatively or indifferently, getting more specific than this is very difficult and depends to a great deal on what images and ideas are included in the advertisement itself. The use of women in advertising is one of the most controversial issues in contemporary marketing. Cortese claims that the way in which women are used in advertising exposes the ideological beliefs in dominance and control that remain a strong feature of contemporary commerce despite feminist efforts. According to Mayne (2002), women are frequently shown in television advertisements to market cosmetics, personal hygiene products or products for cleaning the home. This reinforces the message that women's priorities should be centred on improving their looks or caring for the interior of the home.

Culture is one of the more significant aspects of society that can determine the potential reaction of the viewer to a given message. Although there are many different types of cultures living together in one country, people with similar backgrounds, ethnicities or belief systems tend to share similar values (Gupta, et al, 2007). But what is culture' According to Hofstede "culture is the collective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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