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Market Analysis of Coca Cola as a Global Brand - Assignment Example

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The present study is being carried out to evaluate and present Market Analysis of Coca Cola as a Global Brand. In order to know the reason behind its victorious market leadership, the brand of Coca Cola’s marketing mix, 4Ps, such as product, price, place and promotion is analysed…
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Market Analysis of Coca Cola as a Global Brand
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"Market Analysis of Coca Cola as a Global Brand"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion seeks to answer the question: Why in the world, among the different categories and sectors of the global market, Coca Cola has happened to successfully penetrate and retain its market internationally and become the most valuable brand at the global scale level? The Coca Cola as a brand is not limited only to its Coca Cola soft drinks. As mentioned earlier, it encompasses a wide array of categories of beverages like soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, water, ready – to – drink juices, teas, as well as coffees. Moreover, Coca Cola has managed to venture their products into new opportunities through different product variants in these different categories of beverages. The Coca Cola products are not without issues. In point of fact, a worldwide hate campaign, Killer Coke, is formed against The Coca Cola Company and is calling to boycott its products. Primarily, its products are criticised for their adverse possible negative effects on health among its consumer as a carbonated and sweetened drink. It produces nothing but products detrimental to health which can lead to death. Since Coca Cola products are high in sugar and calorie content, they fuel the prevalence of obesity and diabetes in the whole world. Some of chemical components and food dyes used in these products are identified to cause cancer. Caffeine, a substance causing physical dependence, is also present in these products. Nonetheless, in the soft drink category, Pepsi, RC Cola, and other local competitor brands are just behind Coca Cola. Despite the issues faced by Coca Cola, its consumers across the globe remain loyal to the brand and the brand has managed to be on top among the other sectors of beverages. Each of the Coca Cola products is positioned to target specific market. For example, the original version of Coke is not only serving as refreshment for an individual but is seen as a special part of the modern times. It functions as means of bonding to family as well, especially when having the traditional dining. While on the one hand, Diet Coke and Coke Zero target those who are health conscious and do not want to gain additional weight due to drinking soft drinks. Coke Zero is positioned as a no sugar and no calorie version of Coke. For those who do not want to ingest caffeine, there is also Caffeine – Free Coca Cola. For those who still want a fruity taste of soda, Coca Cola has its cherry, lime, citra, light sango and orange soda variants. For those who are not into soft drinks, Coca Cola also has ventured in RTD juices like Minute Maid which is positioned as a product with real pulps of fruits like orange. Because of the pulps in Minute Maid, it is considered by the consumers as a healthy citrus drink in the beverage sector. The Coca Cola Company has a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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