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The author states that the Coca-Cola company uses storytelling marketing as a part of their marketing activities. The paper includes a clear discussion of the techniques used by the company and a brief overview of the technique of storytelling marketing as well. …
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Foundations of Marketing Theory: Marketing Analysis of Coca Cola
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Download file to see previous pages Marketing is a major part of any company and it plays an essential role in the development and building of a brand image. In the recent times, the concentration on storytelling marketing has grown to a great extent and a number of companies are attempting to use this technique for marketing their products and to build a stronger relationship with the customers. The marketers look at several factors while deciding the technique to be used for the brand building activities. A few of the main elements of focus for the company include customer value, the four Ps of marketing, i.e. Price, Place, Product and Promotion, competitive advantage and the global marketplace. Coca Cola is one such company which has been able to develop a right mix of techniques and has been able to reach out to a wide and diverse range of customers.
Marketing plays a very important role in every business. A company with a strong and well-designed strategy for marketing can prove to be very successful, unlike a company without a well thought out plan for the marketing. There are a number of different companies which have been able to correctly market their goods and have been able to create a name for themselves not only in the local markets but also in the international markets. These companies have been able to prove themselves in the markets and create a strong brand image for themselves. This paper aims at analyzing one of the world’s largest soft drink manufacturers – Coca Cola. Coca Cola has been noted to be successful in every market they enter, irrespective of whether it is an emerging market or a fully developed market. Coca Cola has used a very strong step to ensure a strong building and sustainment of the brand image by complete commitment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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