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Sustainable Events Management of The Green Moon Events Company - Case Study Example

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The author concludes that The Green Moon Events has put in place certain standards, all the specifications enlisted should be followed if the company is to claim compliance to the ISO 20121. Companies, such as Green Moon Events, should also have in mind that the ISO 20121 is not a checklist. …
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Extract of sample "Sustainable Events Management of The Green Moon Events Company"

Download file to see previous pages The company ensures sustainability in the events it prepares, and in the case of a clueless client, the company helps come up with suitable venues and related ideas (Richards, Brito & Wilks, 2013). The Green Moon Events company has been in the industry for about four years, considering it started in the year 2010 (Tinnish, n.d). The founder has had international experience in the event business, catering for events in fields such as corporate clients, student, and youth travel, and pharmaceutics, and non-profit bodies. This makes the Green Moon Events company standout, considering its director has vast experience (Wale, Robinson & Dickson, 2010). The Green Moon Events company may come up with an optional outside source, or they may be an extension to a client’s team of event planners (Raggaby & Rubik 2012). The company also stands out, in that, it offers services that are not only satiable to all of its clients, and they are impeccable. The company ensures to provide a result to an event that is satiable to the client, whether the event was designed to be educational, motivational, or just for entertainment (Allen, 2004). The company also ensures to form strong and a good relation to its clients, to make it the people’s favorite. It also maintains a good relationship with its suppliers (Megan, 2014). The company ensures it offers services in best possible means, and ensures that its services are pocket- friendly (Pernecky & Luck 2013). As an upcoming events business, the Green Moon Events Company stands as a good analytical company, which explains the choice.
Using the ISO 20121 theory, is important, if a company, especially one that deals with events is to succeed (Wale, Robinson & Dickson, 2010). ISO 20121 also helps create an events sustainability management system. The ISO 20121 is not a checklist. The ISO 20121 rather requires a slow approach while addressing sustainable development issues that are related to the planning of events.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainable Events Management of The Green Moon Events Company Case Study.
“Sustainable Events Management of The Green Moon Events Company Case Study”, n.d.
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