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During my vacation I had an amazing experience of arts performance. I had been to an art event before, but this one caught my attention too much, perhaps because I was emotionally involved. I was with three of my friends and I have to admit that we had a lot of fan during this time. …
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Arts Management, Event Report
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REPORT OF AN EVENT Introduction During my vacation I had an amazing experience of arts performance. I had been to an art eventbefore, but this one caught my attention too much, perhaps because I was emotionally involved. I was with three of my friends and I have to admit that we had a lot of fan during this time. One of my friends was amongst the nominees for the event. She is a pianist and also helps the choir team to compose songs. We had to make arrangements early since the event was advertised three days before the deadline, which was August 3rd 2015. My friend requested if I could help her out with the earlier arrangements and I couldn’t agree less. The event was referred to as “The Gospel Choirs and Ensembles Performance” and it took place at Beall concert hall, which is a few hours’ drive from my home. Some of the performance that was scheduled for performance includes the following songs: My Desire, You Exist in My Song, Where the Praises Are, and Sinners Prayer, Falling in Love with Jesus, The Rock and Lord You Are Good. The songs were performed by the college students who take Gospel Choirs and Gospel Ensembles with a professional hand. Amongst these songs, my friend performed “Falling in love with Jesus.” The tickets were going for eight dollars for the general audience while students and seniors paid five dollars.
The turnout for the event was huge; the audience was of mixed race. The VIP seats were reserved for the performing artists, the judges and the legendary gospel music artists, Don Moen, being amongst them. By the look of the turnout it seemed that the event must have attracted people from different parts of the world. It also meant that the amount of revenue that was collected during the event was also good. Usually, the revenues that are collected from such events are always used to support the future music programs, meaning that there will be room for improvement and perfection in the gospel music industry. My excitement for occasion was overwhelming because I love music and I was also accompanied by my friend, who is a genius artist and composer of music. Before the event commenced there were three judges who were introduced by the event’s emcee, the director of the event, Andiel Brown, being amongst them. It turned out that the emcee was a popular comedian who has always worn my heart with his satirically crafted jokes. I was even further excited when the emcee started imitating my favorite song, “Falling in love with Jesus.” He didn’t quite perform the piece well; all he did was to add some form of humor, which was quite fascinating. The crowd was also excited to recognize the comedian as the emcee. The first introductory performance was done by two brilliant girls. The performance was brief, but very interesting. The second performance was done by the schools choir, with my friend as the lead pianist. The song that they performed was “Falling in love with Jesus.” This was a percussion performance combined with guitar and piano. The performance was lovely as expected and by the look of things the crowd was moved. There was several other performances that were made by other students before the emcee announced a lunch break that lasted for a mere thirty minutes. After lunch break the three final performances was done by a trio, a choir and a single performance by the living legend, Don Moen.
Before the event ended, the emcee called the director of the event, Andiel Brown, to make his final inspirational speech before people departed for their homes. The well-spoken Andiel Brown introduced the team that helped him on organizing the event. The team consisted of the chief financial officer who also made a speech about how they managed to collect funds for the project. He stated that a huge chunk of the finances came from sponsors and philanthropists. The school was also among the sponsors of the event. The director stated that the event had been planned for three months before its commencement. The team had toil and burn the midnight as they practiced to perfect their performances. He added that, while there were numerous submissions for the performances, they only managed to select the pieces that they thought were fit for the occasion. After the director completed his speech, there was a moment of prayer before everyone dispersed for their destinations. Read More
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