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Service Quality in Tourist Accommodation Organizations - Research Paper Example

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This paper reviews the literature on service quality in operations management. It is evidently clear from the discussion that service quality plays an integral role in matching performance to customer expectations that may be based on past experience or advertised services…
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Service Quality in Tourist Accommodation Organizations
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Extract of sample "Service Quality in Tourist Accommodation Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The findings in this paper will be applied to the customer-service provider interactions in the accommodation sector, particularly between guests and staff members of accommodation organizations. Accommodation organizations offer varying levels of service ranging from simple guest houses and apartment hotels to high-end five-star hotels offering a range of services to guests. Clearly, the quality of service provided by the staff at the reception, housekeeping, restaurant and other areas of the hotel has an impact on the overall experience of the guest. It is the responsibility of the hotel manager to ensure that staff members remain informative, courteous, respectful, engaging, and polite at all times towards guests. The paper also discusses how the field of operations management and service quality supports decision making in accommodation organizations. Service organizations are in a unique position in that their service quality depends to a greater extent on qualitative aspects of operations management. Managers in these organizations are therefore required to focus more on qualitative or soft aspects that can help them to initiate culture change and consequent improvements in the customer-service provider interaction process. At the same time, operational efficiency is vital to maintain service quality levels. Talluri, Kim and Schoenherr test whether operational efficiency and service quality can coexist in service organizations. They determine that managers should ensure that operational efficiency is compatible with service quality as service providers depend on predictable, consistent operations to maintain service quality levels. On the other hand, Calabrese and Spadoni have conducted research into the trade-off required between service productivity and service quality. They verify that managers need to compromise service quality to increase service productivity and vice versa. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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