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Tourism destinations - Essay Example

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Tourism Executive Summary This paper takes an in-depth analysis of tourism Australia as one of the destination marketing organization in Australia. It looks at the marketing strategies used by the organization to reach the international as well as domestic visitors to various tourist attraction sites in Australia…
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Tourism destinations
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Extract of sample "Tourism destinations"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction Tourism activities all over the world take place at particular destinations. Destinations are very important parts of tourism since they determine whether the country is exciting to tourists or not. Most tourists get attracted to various destinations in the world through destination marketing organizations. In Australia, the marketing of various tourist destinations is done by an organization known as tourism Australia. A destination may refer to any location in any country. However, tourists may define destinations to mean those naturally attractive sites that are pleasing to explore. Destination can be a specific geographical area or a combination of several locations. Further, in the perspective of a tourist, destination can be defined as any area that has appealing attributed and services that would enable them choose the place for their leisure purposes. To succeed in destination marketing, organization such as tourism Australia should undertake a thorough analysis of the market. They should also determine other competitive destinations that can pose challenges to the Australian tourism sector. The analysis of the market should include the assessment of factors such as hotel accommodations, nature, historic sites and other attractions in the tourist destination. Other aspects that must be considered by the destination marketing organizations include security and the cleanliness of the place (Svarcas, Cass & Australian National Audit Office 5). Ningaloo Reef and Shark Bay, Western Australia Ningaloo reef is an exciting place to visit in Australia. It is also one of the best tourist attraction sites where tourists can watch as swim with the world’s largest fish known as shark. The sharks congregate in this place shortly after the collection of coral spawning; this takes place in every third month of the year. Ningaloo reef is located in the North West region of Australia and is approximately 1200km from Perth. In addition, the reef is about 260 km in length and is the only reef in Australia that is located close to a landmass. The reef is also famous for its ability to allow for the feeding and the mating of sharks. This reefs provides a favorable breeding ground to ensure that the number of sharks do not reduce to extinction levels. There are several species of fish as coral that constitute the Ningaloo reef which attract several tourists to the site every year (Ningaloo par 1). Shark Bay Shark bay has one of the best coastal scenery and islands that provide exciting leisure adventures to tourists. Shark bay is located in the western part off Australia and has an area of about 4,800 km2. Other exciting species of animals that live in Shark bay include the Dugong and the Stromatolites. Stromatolites are members of the algae family that is said to be some of the ancient forms of life the world. The shark bay Tourist attraction is an important site in providing habitat for several endangered species of animals. Some of the endangered species of animals in Australia are actually found in this tourist site. The endangered species of animals include the Boodie, Rufous, Hare-Wallaby, Banded Hare Wallaby, the shark bay mouse and the Western barred. These species of animals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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