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Benefits of Training and Development for Individuals and Teams - Case Study Example

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The author of this case study "Benefits of Training and Development for Individuals and Teams" casts light on the organization’s training and development activities. It is stated that there is a direct link between employee motivation and their willingness to attend training programs.  …
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Benefits of Training and Development for Individuals and Teams
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Extract of sample "Benefits of Training and Development for Individuals and Teams"

Download file to see previous pages The given case scenario clearly points to the failure of a recruitment firm with respect to strategic management and professionalism. The first part of this report will identify the major problems occurred in ABC, Inc due to the unprofessional attitude of the new recruiter Carl Robins. The second part will recommend some short term and long term solutions to the issues.
1. Inexperienced faculty: As the case indicates, Carl himself is a new recruit with hardly six months’ job experience in the organization. Although strategic flaws are likely when it comes to new recruits, Carl seems to have shown exceeding carelessness and overconfidence. The top management of the firm should have anticipated some issues in this regard since Carl is only a new faculty. Obviously, Carl has to undergo an internship program. Best reported in Minnesota Daily (April 23, 2012), the majority of the graduates in the country is lacking job experience.
2. Inaccurate procedures: the case shows that some of the new trainees have not met their requirements fully. This indicates that Carl has not been following a proper procedure for recruitment. He had the responsibility to ensure that trainees have submitted all essential documents on time.
3. Lack of coordination: Any training program requires good coordination in order for meeting the intended outcomes. An organization consists of various departments that carry out numerous us independent and collaborative functions. Hence, a department alone cannot plan and implement an internal development program. Carl failed to coordinate related departments and faculties for the success of the training program he planned. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Benefits of Training and Development for Individuals and Teams Case Study - 1.
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