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People, Organisations and Leadership - Assignment Example

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Running head: PEOPLE, ORGANISATION AND LEADERSHIP 14th May 2013 Introduction In the contemporary world, companies are adopting various changes in the managerial, technology and marketing fields among others…
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People, Organisations and Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages One of the notable companies that have embarked on undertaking strategic management is Alpha Reminiscent Cars (ARC). Based on the increased demand for old style cars as well as old out-of-manufacture saloons and sports cars, the company owners are now focused at expanding their production capacity in order to meet the demand of their customers. The company has two alternatives that it can use in order to expand its production. Firstly, the owners can double its work force in order to have 12 teams leading to production of 240 units. Secondly, the company can also use automated assembly-line approach. The key aim of this paper is to compare the two approaches and indicate the one that will increase ARC profit while at the same time making the employees happy. Additionally, the paper discusses issues that will be solved by the two approaches. To achieve its objective, the paper will base its argument on studies done by various individuals on team and automated assembly-line approaches. Literature reviews on merits and demerits of team and assembly line robotic approaches In his studies on evaluating a team-based approach, Libby (2012) contemplates that team approach is beneficial in that it will create opportunities for creativity. As the ARC aims at producing models that meet the needs of its customers, it will be essential for managers to create a culture of creativity. It is vital to note that if a larger number of people are involved in making a decision or coming up with a solution to a problem, each one of the team member will provide his or her idea. Afterwards the team members deliberate of the best idea and then develop it to quality products. ARC will thus benefit from improved models as a result of use of team approach. Additionally, Libby (2012) portrays team approach as a way of enhancing research skills of individuals of the team members. In this way, individuals are in a position to bring in board skills and contribution that will improve the quality of the final products. Another advantage of using team approach is that the company rate of production will increase (Robbins and Judge, 2007). In a work place, employees have different weaknesses and strengths. This implies that during the tackling of any project, team managers can delegate the workload among team members based on their skills and experience. As a result, a project can be completed in a timely manner. In the case of ARC, the use of team approach will ensure that the car models are manufactured is a faster rate without compromising their quality. Studies on qualitative methods in a team approach by Whitt and Kuh, (1991) indicates that in addition to the use of competitive salary, workers are motivated by working a team. Through expansion of its team, ARC will enhance the morale of its employees. It is essential to note that when a company arranges its workforce in the form of teams that are under skilled team managers, the employees are in a position to know each other. As a result, a good relationship is created in the work place. By sharing ideas, employees self esteem is attained thus improving their productivity leading to an increased output and sales. Fishbein and Ajzen (1975) depicts that team approach provides workers with chances of developing. It is fundamental to note that big and small companies keenly look for skills possessed by their employees during the recruitment process. In this regard, teams are formed by members with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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