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The Role of Training of a Staff of a Small Hotel Business - Literature review Example

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The paper "The Role of Training of a Staff of a Small Hotel Business" evaluates effectiveness of staff's training coupled with specific needs of each stakeholder. It turns out when companies derive tangible benefits from training will they view the training process as generating value rather than as a cost centre…
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The Role of Training of a Staff of a Small Hotel Business
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Extract of sample "The Role of Training of a Staff of a Small Hotel Business"

Download file to see previous pages Entrepreneurs intend to grow and change. No organization, big or small can be oblivious to the training needs of its employees.  Training is a crucial factor that can make or mar the prospects of a small business in particular. Following is the training proposal for a small hotel business. Some Key Elements
There are certain factors that define the contours of the training proposal for the small business. When it comes to small businesses, they usually are off the radar of training. This is because courses usually reflect large businesses or industry needs. These courses may not focus on the needs of small businesses. According to Billett, Ehrich, Hernon-Tinning (2003), the pedagogic bases of such courses may not be suitable to them. The training can be specific to one group of employees engaged in a specific activity for example chefs and assistants in a kitchen or generally to all the employees involved. In such a case, customer-orientation and maximisation of profit are of paramount importance as all employees are steered towards overall organisational effectiveness. As Hoeckel (2008) purports, the costs could be direct like apprentice wages, salaries for training personnel, and indirect costs such as opportunity costs when work is foregone etc: and the perceived benefits need to be calculated in advance along with the costs to be incurred to find out whether the said programme can be justified. Training is not complete unless it is evaluated. After a reasonable amount of time after the programme, a ‘before-after’ analysis should be conducted to see whether employee efficiency has increased. Moreover, satisfaction of the employees in the post-training period should also increase. When this translates into more profits, we can say that the programme has created value and hence can be justified. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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