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The Problem Faced While Working in an International Team - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the cross-cultural issues in China that are very different from the issues faced by the developed nations. China has been considered as a lucrative place for foreign investors. China is surging ahead in its path to becoming a superpower…
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Extract of sample "The Problem Faced While Working in an International Team"

Download file to see previous pages The corporate culture of an organisation is reflected through its people and is embedded within the organisation. The corporate culture of an organisation is determined by certain factors like the values, believes, the management style, norms and artefacts. It is not necessary that an organisation should have a single culture. It may have multiple cultures (Recklies, 2001). The corporate culture at Lindt is of innovativeness, drive and commitment. The work environment is dynamic at Lindt and employees are given full support in bringing out their potential (Judge, 2007). The organisational culture of a company is related to the national culture of the nation in which it operates. Switzerland does not have a homogenous national culture. There are four different official languages. This linguistic aspect creates different cultures. In Switzerland, people respect authority. The sense of responsibility and loyalty is very strong in the country. They believe in autonomy but also believe in teamwork. Nation’s identity is also not very clear in Switzerland. National culture is shared by all the members of a social group. This culture is passed on from the older to the younger people. National culture influences the behaviour and perception of the people. In the words of Hofstede “National culture explained more of the differences in employees than did the professional role, age, gender or race”. Hofstede believed that people within a nation share a common national character that moulds their values, behaviour, perception, attitudes and competencies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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