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Knowledge Management - Guide to Lean - Case Study Example

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This paper "Knowledge Management - Guide to Lean" focuses on the fact that this cliché “Change is the only constant in the world” is applicable not only in our lives but also in our surroundings. Change is one of the key success factors, which accounts for the very existence of any organisation. …
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, change with regards to the 3 most important P ’s: People, Process, Product.
It is like re-inventing the wheel. The processes followed need to be constantly monitored and changed accordingly. In fact, in this changing world, organisations must reinvent themselves in order to survive. In other words, the jungle rule applies in the corporate world as well, the only difference being that here in the corporate- Only the fittest to reinvent survives!
Change can be associated with restructuring the organisation or in other words channelling resources towards innovation. The reasons can vary from a cultural shift to cutting costs. Other reasons for a change can be to promote growth or to bring about a shift in the strategic focus. In any case, reorganising is nothing but making structural changes in order to pursue better performance.
The conventional belief that performance is determined by the scale, nature and disposition of resources stands true but there is another important factor which influences the performance of any organisation. It is Decision making. The restructuring of an organisation should be such that its leaders can make the best decisions which would result in better innovation over a course of time.
The best way to enhance the performance of an organisation starts by focusing on the major decisions to be made by the authorities. These can vary from decisions made so as to offer best services to the customers (in order to retain the customers) to controlling costs to managing receivables. It totally depends on the level of competition faced by the organization.
Once the key decisions are identified, the next step should be to identify where in the organisation those decisions are to be made. In other words, which departments or individual accounts for or are responsible for a set of decision-making tasks.
Thereafter, the restructuring should be in such a manner that it should be around sources of value.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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