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Big Dog & Little Dog's Performance Juxtaposition - Assignment Example

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Two of the assessments that were completed were the Leadership Style Survey from the Big Dog & Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition and the Communications Style Inventory from The Platinum Rule by Tony Alessandra and Michael J. O’Connor…
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Big Dog & Little Dogs Performance Juxtaposition
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Download file to see previous pages From the results of the Leadership Style Survey, I learned that I manifest and generally apply the democratic or participative style (score was 40) where I enjoin subordinates to provide inputs and communicate their thoughts, ideas, and comments in daily operations as they contribute towards the achievement of a unified organizational goal. From the survey, it was noted that “some of the best leaders operate out of the participative mode and use the other two modes as needed”. The score I generated for the authoritarian style was 32 and that for the delegative style was 27. I always believe that people become more motivated in the workplace setting when leaders encourage them to participate, not only by doing the responsibilities expected of them; but also by contributing thoughts, comments, insights on how they think current operations and performances could be improved. The leaders’ roles should take an encouraging and motivating stance to guide the subordinates towards the attainment of the organization’s mission, vision, and goals. I was actually expecting that the next leadership mode that I would exemplify was more of a delegative than authoritative style. However, the results indicate that I favor being autocratic than free-rein. Honestly, I believe that the best style would really depend on three factors: the personality of the leader, the personality of the subordinates, and the situation. The information would be useful as a guide for both personal and professional development in terms of focusing on the traits and characteristics that were deemed weak or that needs to be improved. For example, since the next leadership style manifested from the survey was the autocratic style, I could look into the areas that need to be adjusted or improved in terms of encouraging employees to contribute insights in the decision-making process, as needed; or delegating more tasks, as required. The end result should assist in improving not only me personal and professional development, as a leader but also the personal and professional development of the people I lead. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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