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This research will begin with the statement that dogs are the best friends of the human compared to any other animals. The loyalty and sincerity of dogs are famous. There are incidents in which dogs sacrificed their lives for saving their owners…
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Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
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Dogs are the best friends of human compared to any other animals. The loyalty and sincerity of dogs are famous. There are incidents in which dogs sacrificed their lives for saving their owners. The friendships between dogs and human have raised many questions also. This paper briefly analyses some such questions and also the importance of dogs in human life
The love and care extended by dogs are limited only to their owners and the beloved ones. On the other hand, dogs always look suspiciously at strangers. The reasons for such different approaches to different persons by the dogs need to be researched. Another question about dogs is that why only dogs were able to establish relationships with human while all the other members of the dog species like the fox, jackal, etc failed to do so. The third question about dogs is that why dogs establish friendship with the human whereas it keeps enmity with all the other animals.
I have selected the topic about dog because of my love towards dogs. Dog is my pet animal and it keeps strong relationships with me and my family members while it hate all the others. Moreover, the intelligence of dogs has often surprised me. “Police and guard dogs assist law enforcement personnel in their jobs. Some dogs have been trained to sniff out drugs or explosives, or track a person for miles” (Nash). Dog’s ability to smell and identify objects and human was often utilized by us. Bomb or explosive neutralizing personnel and police often seek the help of dogs in their search for explosives and culprits.

Good training and more attention paid to the dog over a course of program can develop desired or intended habits or attitudes in dogs (Horowitz). Dog’s abilities to understand and respond to human languages or instructions often create lot of questions in my mind.
There are lot of published electronic and book references about dogs and its abilities and intelligence in communicating with the human and helping the human beings. Horowitz Alexandra’s book “Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know” published by Scribner (September 15, 2009) gives us a good insight about the dog’s abilities in helping the human being. Moreover, Holy Nash’s electronic source “The Importance of Working Dogs” is another article which gives us more ideas about the dog’s abilities, loyalty and intelligence.
What we know about this world is less than what we don’t know. We know something about us, but we have little knowledge about other living things. We don’t know how they communicate each other. We don’t know why some animals keep friendship with us while others keep enmity with us.
In short, the peculiar nature of dogs and its intelligence worth a research in order to find out more details about them.

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