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 The writer of this essay discusses the importance of being aware of his surroundings. It seems that observation activities do not need to be limited to the things that the eyes can see alone. Rather, keen observation can be accomplished by using all our 5 senses. …
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I am Noticing
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I am Noticing I am noticing the smell of the fresh morning air. It has the sweet scent of early morning dew mixed in with the smells of the blossomed flowers from my mothers garden. The smell is invigorating. It radiates all the way up to the middle of my forehead and clears up the sinus problem that I had when I woke up.
I am noticing that the day has started for some of my neighbors as well. I can hear their gates opening up as they prepare to leave for work or go to school. The smell of bacon permeates the air as their front doors open to let them out.
I am noticing that most of my neighbors come out of their homes during the early morning hours dressed only in their robes as they take out the trash and pick up their daily newspaper delivery.
I am noticing that some of my neighbors stop to chat with the other early risers who are now walking their dogs or jogging with their dogs running alongside them. They seem to be highly friendly with each other. Sharing a laugh now and then.
I am noticing that the student planes from the nearby flying school start their classes quite early. The sun is barely up and already there are student planes flying over head. You cannot miss them, the drone of their engines are the most unique sounds that one can hear this early in the morning.
I am noticing that my dog is unusually active as well. She is barking really loudly as I sit here in the garden. It makes me wonder if the dog wishes to join me on my quest to observe my surroundings this morning.
I am noticing that the sound of the cars on the highway are not as loud this morning. Perhaps the early morning weather has made the drivers too lazy to get out of bed. Whatever the reason, there does not seem to be a traffic pile up in the streets this morning.
I am noticing that the children are starting to come out into the neighborhood street with their toys. Ready to play and have a good time while they still can. Their parents will call them back to the house soon, they need to get ready for school.
I am noticing that my mother has also gotten out of bed. I can hear her moving about inside the house, she will want me to prepare her morning coffee soon. But for now, she sounds like she is watching the early morning news program on TV.
This exercise has helped me realize the importance of being aware of my surroundings. I tend to miss a lot of information about the world around me because I normally rush about in the morning, trying to get all my things in order before I head off to school. It seems that observation activities do not need to be limited to the things that the eyes can see alone. Rather, keen observation can be accomplished by using all our 5 senses. This way, an observer does not miss a single bit of information that passes before him. Read More
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I Am Noticing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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