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Animal Life - Essay Example

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Our planet is the home for a complex and diverse spectrum of life of which the dog is an indelible part. 'Dogs are a man's best friend' is a phrase that is often heard and many have experienced the same. Dogs are faithful to the point of even laying down their lives for their masters…
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Animal Life
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"Animal Life"

Download file to see previous pages My weekly snippets in my journal are not only interesting but also endearing.
She is the pet of the house and everyone dote on her, including myself. She is a Lhasa apso and is cream in color with a small light brown patch on her back. She is an otherwise well behaved dog except for the fact that she cannot resist chasing the cats around the house. Even today as I opened the door to one of my friends, Trixy escaped and the next thing I knew was that she ran chasing after the cats. After her game was over, she went to her place under the chair and had a real good nap.
I was sitting near the window of the living room at my home and was glancing out at all the activity taking place when all of a sudden I noticed Trixy nosing her way to my gate. I quickly ran outside and opened the gate for her and came back to my place at the window. The little dog was fascinating to watch and before I knew it, she had gone to the corner of my garden and began circling around still keeping her nose to the ground. I wondered what she was up to and was soon surprised to find that she began scraping the earth with her paw and again smelt around the area. Very soon she got down to work by digging the soil vigorously. I wanted to go and stop her but was curious as to why she was digging. Finally the digging stopped and the scruffy little creature looked at something sticking through the mud. She sniffed hard again and after making sure that that was what she wanted, held it between her teeth and tugged hard. Trixy fell backwards and went for a small tumble as the object came loose. She happily picked it up and went to another corner of the garden and after circling the place a couple of times, she sat down and started nibbling at the object which was a very old and dry bone, that she must have hidden there quite some time ago!

Week 4'''. Running after the cats.
Trixy's favorite pastime was playing with a ball. Every time I happened to see her loitering around my garden, I would run inside and get the colored ball I had bought for her to play. As I sat on my doorstep and admired the flowers in the garden on a bright Saturday morning, I spotted Trixy, trying to push open the garden gate and come in. I quickly opened the gate for her and ran
to get the ball. She was delighted at the sight of the ball and jumped high and caught it in her mouth as I threw it in the air. She was wagging her tail vigorously and barked loudly as she ran to and fro with the ball. When I threw the ball towards one of the corners in the garden, Trixy rushed to fetch it and the next moment, I heard the screech of a cat. I looked in the direction of the noise to find that Trixy had jumped on the cat who was snugly curled up in the corner. The hair on the cat's back stood ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Animal Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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