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Descriptive pharagraph - Admission/Application Essay Example

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My visit to the Svaneti region of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains, which is currently being used to store hay and grain for cattle, including pigs, introduced me to the senses of pungent smells, old-fashioned buildings, noisy animals, cold environment, and disgust to my taste…
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Descriptive pharagraph
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Svaneti region of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains My visit to the Svaneti region of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains, which is currently being used to store hay and grain for cattle, including pigs, introduced me to the senses of pungent smells, old-fashioned buildings, noisy animals, cold environment, and disgust to my taste buds. The region was filled with snow, which brightened the scene. Even so, the old buildings, which were stacked with hay and grain meant for the farm animals and pigs, darkened the brightness presented by the snow. The herdsman was moving up and down while heaping the hay and grain for the pigs to feed on, which were right beside one of the biggest towers that was used to store farm animal feeds. The pigs fed noisily. At the far end were other farm animals, including two horses, a cow and a dog, which all seemed satisfied as they loitered around. The snow felt wet and cold on my feet. Besides, my entire skin felt cold owing to the snow, and I shivered. Even the herdsman was dressed warmly and wore boots on his feet. The entire place was filled with snow. The stacked hay and grain was wet, and produced a pungent smell that filled the whole region. This pungent smell disgusted my taste buds and I covered my nose throughout the visit. What is more, I would see the other end of the mountain filled with snow when I looked between the several towers. It was interesting to see the pigs crowding together to feed and three of the herd were spotted, unlike the others.
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Takkunen, Mikko. “Svaneti region of Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains”.Time Magazine,
September 16, 2014. Web. 18 September 2014. Read More
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