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Description paragraphs - Essay Example

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The name of the magazine is Dona Kuran New York. In the magazine, there is the photo of a woman smiling. This has a very positive effect on the readers and potential buyers of the magazine. The reason is that the smiley face on…
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Description paragraphs
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Download file to see previous pages The heart shaped diamond shows that the lady discussed issues regarding relationships. This thus makes buyers interested in such issues buying the magazine.
The other advertisement is that of world-renowned label Gucci. Gucci is a company that has had success over the years and does not necessarily have to advertise a lot since the products are ever in demand. It is for this reason that makes the advertisement appears that simple. From the photograph, there is a perfume in the market and the box is quite simple. Appropriate advertisement is made from the caption in the box that makes the product quite elegant. Another concept that makes the advertisement unique is the picture on the cover. The picture is that of a man who looks well dressed and serious to show that he is a gentle man to go by the caption. The bottle is also very stylish to attract ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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