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Descriptive Writing - Essay Example

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One of the finest examples of an effective descriptive writing has been “Lou’s Place” by Beth Johnson which offers a descriptive account of a particular coffee shop, its proprietor, and its customers. “Lou’s Place” is a highly professional essay which gives a vivid…
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Descriptive Writing
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Download file to see previous pages The description in the first paragraph suggests that a normal restaurant is greatly concerned about the satisfaction of the customers and the people on the staff always aims at pleasing the customer. On the basis of the description of such a good restaurant, Johnson builds his description of the “Lou’s Place” which, according to the writer, “isn’t that kind of a place.” (Johnson, para 2). Therefore, Beth Johnson has been effective in creating a picture of the coffee shop which is opposed to the normal restaurant and the writer also describes its proprietor and its customers. The thesis of Johnson’s essay is not directly stated, but it can be easily traced in the first part of the essay. Thus, the author argues that, unlike a normal restaurant which serves the interests and desires of the customers, “Lou’s Place” is not the kind of place which caters to the whims and wishes of its customers and it is a coffee shop where mock abuse flows like a cup of spilled Folgers. The descriptions of the coffee shop in the third paragraph of the essay offer a profound awareness of the coffee shop in general. “At Lou’s Kosy Korner Koffee Shop, the mock abuse flows like a cup of spilled Folgers. Customers are yelled at, lectured, blamed, mocked, teased, and ignored. They pay for the privilege of pouring their coffee and scrambling their own eggs. As in a find but dysfunctional family, Lou displays his affection through criticism and insults, and his customers respond in kind.” (Johnson, para 3).
The most essential aspect determining the success of Beth Johnson’s professional essay “Lou’s Place” is how effectively the author makes use of the techniques of descriptive writing in order to make the essay highly persuasive and credible to the readers. Thus, the author makes use of significant images to suggest the various factors concerning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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