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In the given paragraph the author “paints” image of the moon using vivid details so the reader could clearly see the picture presented by the writer. The purpose of descriptive writing is to describe some person,…
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English Knowledge
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Sur Neachers Cource Part 1) The first paragraph features descriptive type of writing. In the given paragraph the “paints” image of the moon using vivid details so the reader could clearly see the picture presented by the writer. The purpose of descriptive writing is to describe some person, place, event. Means of poetic language as well as stylistic figures of speech such as epithets, metaphors, etc. also indicate the description (e. g. “brilliant wedge of the moon”, etc.)
2) The second paragraph features critical type of writing as it is based on the analysis of the literary source – Hamlet.
3) The third paragraph features Compare and Contrast type as it compares 2 objects. Moreover, the writer uses facts, data, other accurate information.
4) The fourth paragraph is written in the form of narration: the writer tells a story of some days from his childhood.
5) The fifth paragraph features Cause and Effect type of writing. Preserving the sequence of the following events, the writer moves from the reason (“TV consumes about 40 hours per week on average”) to the consequesnces (“heavy television watching probably increases aggressiveness”).
6) The sixth paragraph refers to the Process writing. The purpose of this type is to explain the steps or procedure of something. In the given text the author in detail describes the process how the fire had emerged and spread.
7) The seventh paragraph belongs to the argumentative writing. The main characteristics of this type is that there is always a statement at the beginning to which the writer disagrees using convincing arguments.
8) The eighth paragraph is profile writing, which can be identified as the “side view of someone or something or a brief biography of a person”.
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