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Building Community as a Leadership Discipline - Dissertation Example

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This paper “Building Community as a Leadership Discipline” is an analysis of the four frameworks through a case study of Seattle Public Utilities, which is an agency that provides essential services in the city of Seattle. This leadership style is focused on maintaining the esteemed character…
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Building Community as a Leadership Discipline
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Download file to see previous pages Such leaders avoid acting in a dictatorial manner. They are usually motivated while working in settings characterized by facts, whereby they can apply theories and their expertise as well as analytical skills. They set achievable goals that are understandable by everyone. These are achieved through the allocation of roles to the employees, and supervising to ensure that the process follows the right track while adhering to organizational policies. They respect the management hierarchy, whereby each level of management is significant in the process. Due to the fact that an organization has to be faced with dilemmas, the structural leader is usually faced with situations whereby a balance has to be established between the external environment and the organizational practices. Such a leader usually focuses on plain and consistent thinking in order to deal with organizational problems as well as utilization of the available opportunities (Bolman and Deal 2008). This is dependent to a large extent on the environment that the leader works in. A favorable working environment is usually a derivative of the predecessors in the organization’s management. The structural leader ensures that he leaves an enabling environment once he leaves an organization. This facilitates learning in the leaders who come thereafter. On the other hand, he ensures that the present leaders within the organization, especially those working under him have such leadership qualities as him/her. The organizational strategy is usually developed through structural Leaders, who are keen on the working framework, environment, the realization of organizational goals, testing as well the necessary reforms within the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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