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Initiated reforms in the company diplomacy wing that saw the company close deals with multinational that has in-turn caused a major shift in the living standards of the people within the company’s vicinity of two miles radius due to job creation and provision of social…
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Leadership Skill-Building
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HOW TO BECOME A POWERFUL AND INFLUENTIAL LEADER Table of Contents Personal mission ment…………………………………………………………..3&4 Module 4 Quiz Reflections 7-1
Quiz Reflections 7-2
Quiz Reflections 8-1
Quiz Reflections 8-2
Exercise 7-5 Power, Politics, and Leadership
Influence Tactics (Exercise 8-4)………………………………………………………5
Final Reflections……………………………………………………………………....5
Personal mission statement
1. Past successful career instances
a. Achieved four best turnover rates-awards for the company while working in the capacity of the human resource director.
b. Initiated new marketing strategies in the firm to hap alleviate the sales volume. This was a major success.
c. Part of the team that initiated a community support program that saw the sponsoring of needy students up to college/university level.
d. Initiated reforms in the company diplomacy wing that saw the company close deals with multinational that has in-turn caused a major shift in the living standards of the people within the company’s vicinity of two miles radius due to job creation and provision of social amenities closer to the people.
e. Developed a crash-marketing program that saw the company stay afloat and in close contact with its clients despite the great recession aftermath that saw similar companies record humongous losses.
2. The core values that I posses are:-
a. Industrious
b. Team-player
c. Caring and compassionate
d. Excellent problem solving skills
e. Analytical
f. Honesty
3. Key value:
In my opinion the main value that can be held as a passive asset to a firm is honesty. It is the master-lock to unlocking the seemingly impossible heights of the success of a company due to transparency and integrity.
4. Intended contributions
a. To the world at large; my aim is to see the creation of a contemporary platform that makes goods and services of enhanced quality closer to the global community towards the resolving and bringing of harmony as the work environment is accommodative to the different cultural and religious aspects that in various parts of the world.
b. To my family; to be a better father in terms of compassion and more family-time creation to enhance the family bond with wife and children.
c. To my employer; being the best ‘asset’ that the business has due to its resourcefulness in terms of problems and strategy resolutions.
d. To my friends; being more outgoing to alleviate the friendship trends.
e. To my community; be the role model that children look up too as the symbol of success due to ethical conduct as a leader.
5. Goals
Initialize a platform for the training of future leaders so as to enhance the eradication of inclination to government subsidies and adherence to the paralegal duties that leaders should be well versed of.
6. Mission statement
Strive to a champion in whichever discipline you are in; someone somewhere needs that service.
In accordance to DuBrin’s explanation concerning the achieving hypothetical heights of superior leadership, it is important to possess key values such as core-self evaluation since as a leader, the society is dynamic in every aspect and hence conducting a personal audit concerning the personality traits that air to the people you are in service for is key.
Being trustworthy cannot be further explained neither can it be buried to be overlooked. The effectiveness of leader is gauged upon his/her intentions and motives towards the realization of previously set goals.
Final Reflections
Being in a leadership position is a daunting task and conducting issues in an unethical manner signs the first signature to the collapse of the leadership strategy and pillars of good leadership. I therefore would strive to conduct all in an ethical and lawful manner that does not oppress anyone in the society.
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