Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth - Essay Example

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This form of defense helps in the instilling of discipline among the participants of the martial art programs. The practice also builds confidence among the youth, which helps them overcome difficult situations…
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Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth
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Extract of sample "Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth"

Download file to see previous pages The bullies usually have the false confidence of masculinity. The martial art makes the youth strong and strong-willed. It protects the youth from being the easy targets for the bully youth. Confidence is enhanced by proper training in martial art skills like taekwondo and karate. The perception that the youth are strong keeps the bullies away. Consequently, martial art helps in the protection of the youth against the harrowing experience bullying.
The martial arts also enhance discipline among the youth. Discipline equips the youth with the skills of handling matters in society in a technical manner. The inconsistency in the behavior of youth causes mayhem regarding bullying behavior. The bullies get disciplined and abandon the bullying practice because of the discipline. This situation enhances the practice of acceptable ethical behavior among the youth. It helps in the reduction of the bullying practice among many youngsters. Maekoya asserts that a martial art helps youth to be responsible for their behaviors, especially when faced with the threat of bullying (p. 501). For instance, a bullied youth may exacerbate the situation through the provocation of the bully. Discipline enables a youth to act responsibly when faced with the challenge. Discipline encompasses many areas of a person’s life. It enables youth to present them in a dignified manner, regardless of any form of provocation. It promotes the rule of law and order and reduction of bullying among the youth. The discipline also enables the use of common sense in deliberating issues.
The martial art also enhances respect among the youth. The bullies are compelled to have respect for their fellow youth. This enhances dignity in the relationship among the youth. The respect helps the bullies to appreciate the other youth. Consequently, they are emphatic towards their fellow colleagues. It makes the practice of bullying, inappropriate for them. The vulnerable youths ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth Essay)
Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth Essay. https://studentshare.org/english/1671080-positive-effects-of-martial-arts-on-bullying-among-the-youth.
“Positive Effects of Martial Arts on Bullying Among the Youth Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1671080-positive-effects-of-martial-arts-on-bullying-among-the-youth.
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