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Human Rights Movements in International Politics and its Effect on State Behaviour - Research Paper Example

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The nefarious activities of some unscrupulous groups or individuals perpetuated against those who are helpless to fight back or are left without resources to wage a campaign have propelled human rights movements to take more proactive stance to protect and defend human rights. …
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Human Rights Movements in International Politics and its Effect on State Behaviour
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Extract of sample "Human Rights Movements in International Politics and its Effect on State Behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages The issue that will be tackled in this paper is the role of human rights movements in international politics and its impact on state behaviour—thus it shall be resolved whether the protestations and vigorous representations in international bodies which has jurisdiction over these acts of violence and other human rights transgressions eliminate or eradicate the occurrence of assault or attack against individual human rights. However, this paper shall limit its analysis on human trafficking which assaults the basic rights of individuals to life and liberty and whether the response of states towards its eradication is sufficient.
According the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT), 2.5-million of the global population are in this predicament which includes forced labour and sexual exploitation. Majority of the victims or 1.4 million (56%) originate from Asia and the Pacific while the rest come from Latin America and the Carribean (10%), Middle East and North Africa (9.2%) and other sub-Saharan countries (5.2%), including industrialized countries (10.8%) and transition economies (8%). The tentacles of human trafficking can be felt in 161 countries either as source, route or destination countries. The recruitment occurs in 127 countries where these individuals will be sent or distributed against their will to 137 countries thus exploitation reportedly affects every continent and every type of economy.
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Human Rights Movements in International Politics and Its Effect on Research Paper.
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