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The Key Aspects of Hotels Food Quality - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Key Aspects of Hotels Food Quality" discusses that successful running of the restaurants and hotels are not easy nowadays due to strong competition. The factors which may lead to high profits and customer satisfaction must be adopted…
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The Key Aspects of Hotels Food Quality
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Extract of sample "The Key Aspects of Hotels Food Quality"

Download file to see previous pages The new techniques to manage the operations and the use of new machinery which reduces the labor cost are difficult to be adopted due to the existing managed workforce and working environment. The hotel industry has now reached a highly competitive stage and all restaurants are adopting the branded restaurant concept in order to meet the requirements of continuous innovations and creative approach (Casper, 1995). It has also been observed during the research that restaurants and famous hotels are working in collaboration to maximize their returns, for example, the partnership of Marriott and Pizza Hut, Holiday Inn and TGI Friday’s etc (Boone, 1997). This paper would further discuss the aspects which play a vital role in the successful running of a hotel in today’s market.
Hotels have become an integral part of most of the people around the world. The working population prefer having their breakfasts and lunches in the hotels. Owing to this importance given by the people to the hotels, more and more people are involving in this sector. It can be evaluated from the current findings that hotels are highly profitable and money-making. It can be true but not necessarily. The successful running of a hotel is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many factors which require to be achieved flawlessly. Increasing competition means increased risk to the business from the competitors. Any new product, package or creative advertisement may grab the attention of a large number of customers. Hence more and more finance is required to be spent on innovative techniques. The uniqueness and brand name attract most of the customers (Tepeci, 1999). However, it is not an easy task to create a brand name. In foodservice businesses, the development of the brand name has been increasing. A number of food chains have increased their business in the international market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Key Aspects of Hotels Food Quality Coursework)
The Key Aspects of Hotels Food Quality Coursework.
“The Key Aspects of Hotels Food Quality Coursework”.
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