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Providing Quality Service - Assignment Example

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The industry may think that it offering services that are good, reliably consistent from place to place. However, the guests may be purchasing a more extended service product like a tasty consistent…
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Providing Quality Service
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Extract of sample "Providing Quality Service"

Download file to see previous pages The first step in involving guests in providing quality service in the industry is being able to understand the guests that are in the industry’s target market to the most possible extent. Ideally, this understanding comprises of the typical demographic breakdown of age, gender, race and the location of the visitors. Also, there are the emotional breakdowns of their feelings, beliefs, attitudes are, the kind of experience they require, want, also expect the tourism industry to deliver. Also, there is the understanding of guest’s capacities that is, their skills, knowledge and abilities so as to coproduce the experience (Hyde, Ryan & Woodside, 2012).
Providing quality service normally needs the interaction between the service provider and the guest. The interaction can be a belief encounter between the guest and the server. The interaction can be face-to-face, on the web, over the phone, by mail or via texts. When it is a face-to-face interaction, the employees have to be trained on how to coproduce the experience in a orderly manner. For instance, a restaurant may train its servers to train guests on the right manner of cooking using a Fondue pot. When the experience takes place at the time of consumption, then the industry has to plan to make sure that fresh, inexperienced, untrained and informed customers receive a similar service, experience quality plus value that the recurring, experienced, trained and informed ones received (Waalen et al., 2004). As every guest is different, the industry cannot expect each of them to take the same amount of time or resources in gaining experience. Being able to accommodate the variability in customer divergence is how the industry would make crucial contribution by researching carefully and planning thoughtfully to adjust the service experience offered to every customer.
Different situations in the service delivery call for different plans in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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