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Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance - Thesis Example

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The paper "Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance" states that there exists an interrelated relationship between the self-efficacy of the staff and the leadership approaches of the managers. The better the effectiveness of the leadership, the greater is the productivity…
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Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance
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Extract of sample "Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance"

Download file to see previous pages The methodology section of the paper makes use of the qualitative narrative storytelling approach and two separate interview sessions (one among the managers and the other among the selected employees) are employed as the primary research designs for the purpose of the study. The major themes derived out of the interviews are elaborately discussed and analyzed in Chapter 4. The conclusions of the study show that there exists an interrelated relationship between the self-efficacy of the staff and the leadership approaches of the managers or employers. The better the effectiveness of the leadership, the greater is the productivity of the workforce in an organization. The factors that contribute to the growth and development of the workforce include the leadership styles of the bosses, Positive Transferences and the emotional bond between the employee and the employer, effective mentoring within the organization, individual/group, common, and intrinsic/extrinsic motivations, proper reward systems, equality of opportunity and treatment, promotion of diversity among the staff, empowering leadership and the promotion of both task-oriented and relationship-oriented behavior patterns within the organization. The results of the study are equally beneficial to the managers as well as the workforce in the whole management scenario.
The human resource power is the greatest asset of any organization or company and how the full potentialities of its work force are utilized and managed determines the success or failure of the organization. The effective use of the productivity and self-efficacy of the staff calls for effective leaderships at the helm of the organizational hierarchy. Thus, one can obviously come across a direct link between the leadership approaches or styles of an organization and the performance of its staffs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance Thesis, n.d.)
Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance Thesis.
(Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance Thesis)
Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance Thesis.
“Using Self Efficacy to Increase Staff Performance Thesis”.
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