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The Scent of Difference: Reception and Responsibility - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "The Scent of Difference: Reception and Responsibility" discusses that the tensions developed in Source One have certain causes. These causes can be made clear using the literature that has been published in the specific field…
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The Scent of Difference: Reception and Responsibility
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Extract of sample "The Scent of Difference: Reception and Responsibility"

Download file to see previous pages The above theory is based on the view that ‘motives are meaningful only if they are given to individuals who believe that they are able to succeed’ (Steers et al. 2010, p.295). In the specific case, Indian workers believe that they can respond to the demands of the work, as much as their American counterparts but their salary is too low so that there is no incentive for Indian workers to keep their performance at high levels. In other words, Indian workers believe to their capacities in regard to the tasks assigned to them but they are not treated fairly. If Indian workers would not feel confident in their skills they would have no problem with the highest rewarding of American workers. Therefore, self-efficacy in the particular case leads to the development of tensions between the two social groups, Americans, and Indians.Another theory that would help to understand the tensions appeared in Source One would be the theory of Reasoned Action, as developed by Fishbein and Azjen in 1980 (Larson 2009). The particular theory promotes the idea that the actions of each individual are highly influenced by the plans he had made in advance but also by his beliefs in regard to the action involved (Larson 2009). The above condition is commonly known as behavioral intention, showing the interaction between the human behavior and the intentions/ attitudes of each individual (Larson 2009). In the specific case, the managers of the organization have fired the American workers because they were old and were compensated with high salary. Therefore, the particular decision has been resulted by the plans of the firm to reduce its costs without taking into consideration the risks involved with the appearance of a new culture in the workplace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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