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Human Resource Audit and Participatory Approach - Term Paper Example

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This paper discusses the strategies pertaining to the management of the operational and organizational changes to be brought about in Fairtex fashions. And also demonstrates key factors such as the market performance of the company and the customer satisfaction production and productivity…
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Human Resource Audit and Participatory Approach
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Download file to see previous pages The economic scenario involved in the market has affected the sales performance of the company in recent times. This has affected the profitability of the production units. In case of similar production strategies, the sales figures are however expected to further go down. The increased global competition, especially from the Far East, is increasing the extremity of the problem. It has become quite crucial for the company, that the unit costs must go down so as the company may maintain a sustainable profit. Automated ‘state of the art’ technology must come into play in Fairtex fashions replacing the old machinery so that the production cost comes down. Moreover, the recurring cost of maintenance will come down positively affecting the production cost.
        It is in this context the proposal for a major change has come in. Ashdown, the promoter of the company is ready to finance a major shift in the company involving a new manufacturing technology. The change would substantially bring down the production cost and the labor strength can be cut down to seventy-five percent. However, the methodology of the implementation of the change process should have a strategic edge so that it does not hamper the production process. The staff also will have to be taken into confidence about the scope of the change. This becomes crucial as the declaration of the change is coinciding with the dates of the annual wages negotiation meeting with the staff union. A general declaration on the change and a nonparticipatory approach to the implementation of the change would highly affect the relationship between the staff and the management.
        In the event of the requirement for a strategic approach in the implementation of the change process, this proposal is dealing in detail the strategies pertaining to each aspect of management. The basic theories of success in carrying out a change process which was taken into account while formulating the strategies were Pressure for Change, A Clear and Shared Vision, Capacity for Change and Action (Harding P, 2004.p.1). These factors play a vital role in determining the adoption of the business environment into a changed scenario. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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