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Change Management - Coursework Example

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This work "Change Management" discusses an organization’s ability to gain benefits from their change efforts. From this work, it is clear that Resistance to change is a natural part of an organization. The author takes into account the people's relation oppose changes within organizations and reasons for it…
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Change Management
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Extract of sample "Change Management"

Download file to see previous pages In light of these, management must go out of their way to deal with organizational resistance to change because even the most carefully laid out or well-intentioned changes can still meet resistance. Subsequently, an organization’s ability to gain benefits from their change efforts is largely affected by their ability to create environments that encourage support and acceptance from other members of the organization. (Coetsee, 2003)
Some authors assert that resistance to change may be defined as behavior that human beings depict when they are attempting to protect themselves from the effects of change; these effects may be real or they may be imagined depending on the situation under consideration. Others believe that resistance to change is the act of behaving in a certain manner so as to maintain status when there is a possibility of its alteration or when there is a pressure within the organization.
However, the latter definitions may be rather narrow. Other writers believe that resistance to change needs to cover a larger array of issues than the ones discussed above. For instance, resistance may be seen as something that encompasses a series of states that start from the cognitive domain, thereafter, they also cover the emotional and behavioral aspects of the employee. (Bridges, 2001)
Many people have assumed that resistance to organizational change is largely cognitive. However, this is not necessarily the case; while most behavior may involve negative thoughts, one cannot undermine the fact that some behavioral and emotional aspects are also involved. The cognitive aspects are usually depicted as reluctance to change. On the other hand, emotional factors are usually seen in the form of frustration and aggression. Usually, most of them depict these signs as defense mechanisms for trying to cope with the anxiety and frustrations that have been brought about by the change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Change Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2, n.d.)
Change Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2.
(Change Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 2)
Change Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 2.
“Change Management Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 2”.
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Change management

...? Change Management No matter the position of leadership, any individual leading in a certain organization often faces hostility to change by employees. These leaders can; however, channel change by being practically involved in the changing process. These leaders realize the importance of change when it is too late (Cameron 2009). Therefore, they start making regretful reflections. These reflections often reflect a people failure due to lack of advocating for change in these organizations. In fact, in a recent study carried out on managers of fallen organizations, when asked what they would change if given a second chance, they illustrated that they would implement a successful change pattern in their companies. These managers did...
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Change Management

..., or machineries) (Change Management, 2007). Change is neither a new concept nor has it been introduced in recent years. It is an understood fact that things change with time and obviously there are numerous factors that are brought in the change. The University of Bolingoo is under the process of a technological change which is making the application process completely online i.e. no more paper applications. Technology is a very broad factor that is influencing every part of the organization. This type of change is a non-routine change and is not easy to implement as it involves high cost in terms of...
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Change management move forward and enter into new markets. This is in return resulting in the process of increase of competition in the global marketplace. Companies and organizations around the world are increasingly feeling the pinch of this increase in competition in the marketplace. In order to stay competitive in the marketplace, the organizations are trying their best to inculcate various amounts of change in their daily business processes and thereby generate and increase the efficiency of the business in the marketplace. This has resulted in the rise of importance for change management among the organizations. Change Management Change management has become very crucial in various organizations around the world that are increasingly looking...
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...on this aspect, the essay describes the method of change management in a public organisation namely Children and Young People Service. The organisation is undergoing change in the management structure in order to acquire better efficiency. The organisation was unable to reach the target population and was also incapable of reaching the desired target. Thus, a change has been proposed which can help to make significant differences in operational system. The objective of the essay is to describe the change procedure of Children and Young People Service by using different change management models and...
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Change Management

... domain of the society. In the context of modern day business scenario, change is an important part of operational process of the companies irrespective of the industry that they are operating in. In the healthcare sector, with the increased level of business market competition and altering nature of customer demands, change has become quite crucial by a certain degree. However, it cannot be ignored that there exist a proper process of change management, which helps in building a systematic framework and enabling proper implementation of the change proposed (Reiss, 2012). Contextually, this paper will work towards initiating change in a particular healthcare organization, which will comprise analyzing the need for change and the strategies...
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Change Management

...Running head: Change Management Date: Change Management The subject of change management is normally an issue regarded very lightly in most organizations. Most managers do not effectively understand the importance of learning all the imperatives of change and change management so as to mitigate most of the problems that normally arise out of the improper methods of conducting change. In the business context, change connotes the often planned process of improving the effectiveness of the operations of the business. As such, it is a subject that cuts across entirely all the facets of the organization since progress and success are functions of better operational ways which are basically brought about by positive change. In whichever respect...
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Change Management

Change management refers to strategies put in place to shift organizations and teams from a present to a preferred future There are forces which work to resist and to bring about changes in the society, organizations etc. In this paper I will be seeking to clarify both the change and resistance forces and at the same time explaining importance of change management.
Change forces refer to the forces which drive or causes change to take place. These forces include technological advancements, social trends, economic shocks, world politics, globalization, competition, knowledge management and cross borders associations. Change forces usually have direct impact on the management and running of business resulting to the need for tran...
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Change Management

...Change Management Change Management PART I: Strengths, weaknesses and overall performance Perma Power Solutions (PPS) has been in the business of producing batteries for a considerable period. The firm produces rechargeable and non-rechargeable cells, including battery charging mats, micro batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. The company consists of managers, executives, and departments, such as the managing director, sales department, the finance department, logistics department, research & development department, and human resources department. PPS faces cut-throat competition in the market, especially in relation to its standard size lithium-ion batteries. The numerous competitors in battery manufacturing industry and market have...
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Change Management

...clients while spending fewer or none of more profitable and potential customers. It is from this notion she conducted her research and came up with the recommendation of changing the sales calls patterns. Conversely, Jesse was resolute and wanted to assume her position with a performance impact the reason she worked, on the findings to create to achieve her objectives. Based on the change management theory, changes initiated by an organisation should succeed if they originate from the leader (Cameron & Green, 2012). In other words, the change of leadership is the most reliable manner to institute changes in a firm. Therefore, it was...
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Change Management

...Change management is a set approach that ensures the various changes in the business or organizations as smoothly and thoroughly implemented, as well as ensuring that the changes bring a lasting benefit to the business (Reiß, 2012). To achieve this, focus is an important factor to be considered particularly by people and how they should shift as individuals and teams from the current management to the introduced one (Hiatt & Creasey, 2003). As a manager, the first question you should ask yourself is; what the change management means in the situation. In order to understand the meaning of the question, the manager should dig down further to define your specific change management objectives. In order to a chive a successful change...
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