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Reasons attributed to this norm include not being aware of the specific change, trepidation of the unknown, personal feelings, peer pressure, job security and poor timing. Even though some employees…
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Change Management Plan
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Change Management Plan • Identify the potential sources of resistance to change and develop strategies to manage resistance to change.
Many employees in the company are not open to change and therefore resist it. Reasons attributed to this norm include not being aware of the specific change, trepidation of the unknown, personal feelings, peer pressure, job security and poor timing. Even though some employees resist change, the management ought to be ready to handle these changes efficiently. Thus, these changes entail honest and clear addressing to each involved party. All the employees’ concerns entail prompt address with respect. This is by managers supporting other employees using meetings and explains the changes face to face. Moreover, they may also pair the resistive employees with the cooperative ones who have adapted the change. This will go a long way in helping all the employees realize that the changes lead to positive outcomes. To guarantee that the changes succeed, the managers can set up some achievable goals (Jackson, Schuler, Werner, & Jackson, 2009).
• Recommend a strategy to implement the changes over the next 12 months.
In order for the firm to come up with a system, which enables all employees to use one system, Riordan Manufacturing implemented a plan that included all the changes required to create the customer management system. The plan implementation is always the hardest part. Therefore, to ensure effectiveness, the plan entails monitoring and adequate evaluation. Within 12 months, an open communication strategy could be applied. The open communication strategy involves employees sharing their ideas, feedback and criticism. All the employees, regardless of their level or position, will feel like they are part of the decision-making concerning the necessary changes. By involving employees, this normally augments their satisfaction as well as ensuring success of the plan. For this strategy to be a success, employees have to feel free and safe to share their ideas as well as opinions. Effective communication is the key to reducing employee resistance to change (Samson & Bevington, 2012).
• Describe how you will evaluate the success or failure of the planned change.
An evaluation plan involves documenting the evaluation and monitoring details of the customer information system and varied improvements required following the results. The plan will ensure that all parties involved understand changes and assist in the facilitation of a smooth transaction. A continuous monitoring of the system will evaluate its effectiveness. This is achievable by several outcomes including measuring customer satisfaction, employees’ morale and evaluating financial statements (Phillips, Phillips & Zúñiga, 2013). All plants will conduct frequent meetings to update the employees on the progress and discuss any areas that may need improvement. A review of all the employees’ feedback will ensure that the system succeeds. Moreover, managers from all the plants will discuss any areas that need fixing. This is because the same system is adapted in all the plants. To determine the employee reaction and feelings towards the system, and the system’s effectiveness and productivity, the employees will complete assessment tests every month. The managers will then collect the data and hand it over to the consultants who have the task of evaluating the system and making the necessary changes. The changes made to the system will be communicated back to employees and the changes re-evaluated again after a month. The new system that involves all the employees working together, regardless of their levels, will be a success.
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