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Organizations, over the period of time, develop a set of values and practices which may be hard to replace despite the fact that they may no longer be representing the true…
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Extract of sample "INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 3"

Download file to see previous pages Issues such as development of new departments and work process flows are considered as potential threat by the existing employees because they might feel that they may be rendered as useless due to redundancy of their skills.
Modern managers therefore have to manage different aspects of change management in order to ensure that the new changes that are being introduced within the organization are readily accepted with little or no resistance. For this, it is also critical that the employees are considered as a part of the process and as such any change that is brought about shall be floated as an indigenous idea which can only facilitate the existing work.
The recent changes at SWC indicate the recent efforts to bring in new and positive change might not have been gone well with the employees and there is a growing need of having a change management plan that could have allowed the firm to make a swift transition to the proposed new structure and developing a new framework for future.
It is believed that change always occur first into the heads of the people and than it is translated through changes to be made into the people, processes as well as systems and activities. Organizations often have to manage change in a manner that can allow them to achieve their strategic objectives. The psychodynamics of the change management therefore requires that the managers must contextualize the change in a manner which reflects the change as an indigenous process of change rather than something which is being imposed externally. (Carr & Gabriel, 2001).
In order to make change, It is therefore important that one must also understand the change and for that matter, the issues such as change imperative, the psychology of change as well as resistence to change must be understood in their true spirit in order to bring in change that can be easily accepted. (Harris & Crane, 2002). This therefore also requires that the whole process of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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