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Global tech change simulation final paper - Essay Example

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In terms of the Team Assessment for Team Effectiveness for execution of the change management simulation, it can be safely said that most objectives were met successfully while there was some room for improvement in certain areas. The change management plan deployed at Global…
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Global tech change simulation final paper
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Extract of sample "Global tech change simulation final paper"

Number] Change Plan Efficacy: Evaluation against Kotter’s Change Process What is your Team Assessment of your Team Effectiveness in planning for, implementing, and reporting on your change simulation?
In terms of the Team Assessment for Team Effectiveness for execution of the change management simulation, it can be safely said that most objectives were met successfully while there was some room for improvement in certain areas. The change management plan deployed at Global Tech was devised along innovative lines to cater for the peculiar circumstances at the organization. The change management plan at Global Tech, when compared to overarching theoretical frameworks such as Kotter’s change process will reveal subtle differences, especially in terms of understanding the inertia behind stagnation at the organization. To cater for such shortcomings, the change management plan was tailored accordingly. The outcomes of the change management simulation clearly provide that most objectives were met with. Evidence for this fact is provided by the many quantifiable indicators presented in the findings of the change management simulation.
On the other hand, there are some areas, such as understanding the problem, where the quantifiable indicators could not score very well and hence it could be surmised that these areas could have benefited from better planning and implementation.
If you had the opportunity to do this project over – what would you do differently? Why?
If there were an opportunity to redo this project, the Understand part of the project, particularly problem identification, would be redone with greater objectivity to achieve greater success at it. In a similar manner, the Enlist part of the project could have done better through greater motivation to employees. Similarly, there were some loose ends in the Motivate and Communicate parts of the exercise that could have had better outcomes through better planning, implementation and reporting.
Kotter’s Change Process that Supported the Change Simulation
Kotter’s change process carries a large amount of respect in contemporary change management practices given its efficacy in delivering on outcomes. The change management plan used for Global Tech is differentiated from Kotter’s change process although it does hold some comparable exponents. If the change plan for Global Tech is analyzed sequentially, it becomes clear that the first phase of the change plan “Understand” is in some part influenced by Kotter’s exponents of “Increase urgency” and “Get the vision right”. Kotter’s ideas on “Increase urgency” build on an examination of the market’s competitive nature and present challenges that require change. Similarly, Kotter’s ideas on “Get the vision right” rely on developing an understanding of where the organization is at and where it needs to go to meet looming challenges (Kotter). The change plan used for Global Tech espoused the exponent of “Understand” to gather the organization’s competitive and financial state in order to understand where it stood and what direction it needed to change in.
In a similar manner, the change plan for Global Tech relied on the “Enlist” stage comparable to Kotter’s “Build the Guiding Team” in order to assemble a team that was capable of building and sustaining momentum for change. The change plan’s processes of Stakeholder Mapping, Identify the Change Agent and forming the Core Change Team are in essence built directly on Kotter’s ideas of assembling a change team from around the organization.
Comparable to above, the change plan’s “Envisage” stage builds directly on Kotter’s “Get the vision right” exponent. The central contention is to formulate, in objective form, the future direction in which the change should work to bring the organization closer to market competition and economic efficiency. Similarly, Kotter’s exponents of “Empowering Action” coincide with the change plans ideas on “Motivate” while Kotter’s ideas on “Communicate for Buy-in” are similar to the change plan’s strategy on “Communicate”.
Works Cited
Kotter, John P. Leading Change. Harvard Business School Press, 1996. Read More
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