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Safety Recommendations for the Civil Aviation - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Safety Recommendations for the Civil Aviation" states that the safety of air transportation has become a subject of active discussion through the realization that traffic fatality cases tend to be the leading reasons for human death all over the world…
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Safety Recommendations for the Civil Aviation
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Extract of sample "Safety Recommendations for the Civil Aviation"

Download file to see previous pages The main goal is to define the cause of the accident, to carry out the study of the safety in relation to it and to evaluate the effectiveness of the safety programs, which are being performed by the Government at the time. As civil aviation is a fast growing global system, it is necessary to pay necessary attention to the accidents, which present international threat or the threat to the independence and integrity. As far as any accidents in relation to transport and especially aviation present a huge number of problems, from financial to emotional, the main goal is to prevent further accidents by issuing safety recommendations. In terms of aviation, it is necessary to address the problems of general operations, cabin safety, the design of aircraft and weather.
In order to come to relevant conclusions as for the means and methods of increasing the level of transportation safety and to decrease the number of fatality cases and injuries, the time has come to view the problem from the more detailed side. The areas which will be considered in this work will include the results of crash tests, which should explain the reason for the accident. There are special agencies to realize the importance and the necessity of onboard crew training in relation to better coping with emergency situations.
The accident happened with the plane of the company Transair, however, the unhappy flight was held by Aero-Tropics Air Services. This company was to organize additional services and it was the organization Transair who provided the plane and team.
The plane left Cairns at 08:31. During the descent to Lockhart River on the northbound flight, the team planned to carry out a landing strip 30 RNAV (GNSS) method.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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