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International Differences - Term Paper Example

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It has been noted by the aviation industry that as the global environment has continued to experience positive growth trends and so is the increased congestion in the airspace and air traffic. There is no doubt that the aviation infrastructure as well as major facilities…
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Extract of sample "International Differences"

Airport systems, planning, design, and management It has been d by the aviation industry that as the global environment has continued to experience positive growth trends and so is the increased congestion in the airspace and air traffic. There is no doubt that the aviation infrastructure as well as major facilities especially airports is getting overwhelming pressure from the expansive air traffic and airspace. It is unfortunate that this extreme growth has resulted in massive stretch on the available infrastructure not only in the developed world but also in the developing nation. It is expected that delays as well as security breach will become a common issue. This means that without a careful coordinated operation especially in airports it will not be possible to achieve key objectives of the industry.
Safety issue being a major concern of various stakeholders the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its key industry partners had to come together at the initial Global Runway Safety Symposium (GRSS). The main agenda of this strategic meeting was to put in place measures that would ensure that the runway related accidents are put to a halt. At least four hundred and twenty participants from various member states as well as other from the different international aviation organizations were in attendance at the event. A number of recommendations were made with respect runway safety. Key among them includes a combined recognition of the need to come up with a specialized Runway Safety Teams. The need to synchronize key definitions, taxonomies, and safety indicators used in the runway safety was imminent in this meeting. There was also a need to standardize and enhance communication measures not only within the runways but also around the runways.
Runways are no doubt an important component of an airport without which no essential aviation operations can take place (Richard de Neufville & Odoni, 2003). A number of aviation standards touch on the safety of the air and runways being such a vital element of the aviation it must always be put under check to ensure that unfortunate events do not happen on the runway at all cost. This need can be justified by the fact that ICAO has held a wide range meetings with various stakeholders aimed at promoting a safe runway. Runway operations has on a number of occasions been accountable for majority the aviation accidents and fatalities just a single source. For instance, in the last five years, of all the accidents reported to the ICAO one third of the case have been directly associated with runway operations.
It noteworthy that the recommendations of the meeting held by the ICAO together with various partners in the aviation industry demonstrates that all the players are charged with the responsibility of improving their runway safety data sharing. Data sharing among various airport operators is no doubt important in improving the operations of runway. Landing and takeoff by aircraft is always uniform and without any technical hitch on the aircraft it will always be difficult to experience sorrowful incidents on the run way. In other words if the runways are well designed and monitors regularly then the aviation industry will hardly come across runway related accidents.
Richard de Neufville, R & Odoni, A. (2003). Airport systems, planning, design, and management. 1st Ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. Read More
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International Differences Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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