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The Work Breakdown Structure and its Advantages in Project Planning - Report Example

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The "Work Breakdown Structure and its Advantages in Project Planning" paper focuses on the WBS method used for dividing the project into small work packages, activities, and tasks. It is used to organize projects into systems, subsystems, discrete blocks, or summary reporting levels…
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The Work Breakdown Structure and its Advantages in Project Planning
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Extract of sample "The Work Breakdown Structure and its Advantages in Project Planning"

Download file to see previous pages A typical construction project involves a WBS that evolves from an initial task that is successively subdivided into smaller work blocks until the lowest level is reached, indicating a tree-like structure. Subdividing the project breaks down the project work effort into packages that are both manageable and independent. It connotes that the lowest level of the package corresponds to the smallest project work, which requires the shortest completion time periods. As WBS shows the relationship of all elements of a project, a sound basis for cost and schedule control is provided.

Some lists of project activities involved in WBS include budgeting, cost allocation, time allocation and management, and quality assurance. These are being ensured in the process of work packages. A well-designed WBS often consists of software, hardware, services, data, and facilities (Zachman 1987).

Since WBS breaks down the work project into subdivisions in a tree-like structure, the classification format of work packages may include cost center, fields for responsibility, activity numbering, and so on. A description of the tasks purported to be performed is generated for each element of the WBS, in which each task is diverse from the others.

Due to its being process-oriented, the WBS approach is convenient for activity definition, which is the starting step for project planning. This phase involves several dimensions such as budget, cost, time, and quality, to name a few. A well-designed WBS enables it to easily assign each level of project activity to one terminal element of the structure. From its inception to a completed project, the period of a project’s life involves cost estimating, budgeting, accounting, reporting, controlling, and auditing (Wysocki et al., 2003, pp. 137). Work packages involved in the WBS process should be defined in terms of construction methods, design, and completion requirements, which are to be accomplished according to performance dates (Pritchard 1999). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Work Breakdown Structure and its Advantages in Project Planning Report, n.d.)
The Work Breakdown Structure and its Advantages in Project Planning Report.
(The Work Breakdown Structure and Its Advantages in Project Planning Report)
The Work Breakdown Structure and Its Advantages in Project Planning Report.
“The Work Breakdown Structure and Its Advantages in Project Planning Report”.
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